gryson bag

  1. I'm not sure if something has already been posted about this, (I might be late) sorry if there was. But Gryson is coming out with bags for target!! It's gonna be sometime in spring 2008 Here are 2 of the bags. I have no idea how to post pictures below so I will give you two different links of two different bags. Let me know what you think!
  2. I think there was another thread about this, but I have to comment that I can't believe they did the woven Skye.:hrmm: I love my Skyes because they look different than every other bag out there. I hate carrying the same bag as everyone else.
  3. Ladies, There is another thread about this! After lots of disucssion GrysonGirl straightened us out. The bags pictured in the above links are not from the line that Gryson designed for Target! These are bags from their current line, or in the case of the pink one, from their luxury line for Spring '08! I can't wait to see the actual designs for Target. I bet they'll be awesome.