1. I have Heidi. The top and lock are similar but it's more of a tote shape. I love Gryson bags. The leather is great, there's a gorgeous suede lining. The bag will be heavy, like MJ bags, but they are lovely.

    That's a great price too :smile:
  2. I have the Gryson Amanda, Ava's big sister. I adore the bag, she makes such a statement (much larger than Ava, and very East/West). Gryson quality is superb, and I think Ava is adorable! Great deal by the way!! Congrats!
  3. I have the Gryson Ava in burgundy. I really love the bag. It's a bit more formal/conservative than my other bags, so I feel right at home carrying it to work.

    The lock isn't a big deal at all. I usually leave the bag unzipped while i'm carrying it and just remove the leather tab to open the bag. I rarely mess with the lock.

    It's a great day bag for when you only need a few things, or to carry along with a laptop bag.

    You got it for a great price, definitely worth it!
  4. i think its absolutely beautiful! keep it!!!

    p.s. a fair warning, i may be THE worst enabler in the country :winkiss:
  5. I guess I'm the lone dissenter here. I owned this bag for about two months before I decided it had to go. The reason was the lock! It was extremely heavy and hard to manipulate. The lock is designed to allow the tab that goes over the bag to weave through (did that make sense?) so technically, you don't have to "deal" with the lock. However, the tab is positioned so that even when the bag is unzipped, I cannot access the inner zip pocket, which is where I tend to keep my wallet. I resorted in just leaving it all open, but the lock hangs at the side like a dead weight!

    I'm sorry for not painting an entirely rosy picture of the bag. While I will complement the Gryson Ava on the quality of leather (VERY substantial and thick, good craftsmanship), the overall design of th bag is a :tdown:
  6. I also didn't care for it and ended up returning it also. You can't really tell from the pic, but this is a handheld bag. My rec is also:tdown:
  7. I cancelled this morning (it was snapped up by someone else imediately) I really want a Gryson Skye, and was excited to see a Gryson for such a great price. But, $270 is still $270. I am trying to stick to buying things I love and really want, rather than being enticed by a good deal.