Gryson Ava, Gustto Polozaini Tote & Oscar de la Renta up on NM last call

  1. I hope (you never know with Neiman's) I got the Gryson Ava satchel in Khaki for $271. It came off the website after I made my purchase, so I have me fingures crossed. I haven't seen it IRL, but at that price, I figured it was a great chance to get my first Gryson. I can always return it if I don't love it. Do any of you ladies have this bag? What do you think?
  2. I was trying to pay for the Gustto Setela and ---- it was all gone. BOO HOO HOO. :crybaby:
  3. Edited for cancellation.
  4. How extremely odd...I always wonder why it doesn't show up, I always thought it meant that there were no purses there! Thanks for the information! There's some really good deals!
  5. I have is a brown color, not really what I consider Taupe, but I do like it. It is a nice size, nice leather. A nice change from all those "giant" purses.