Gryson Ava for $388

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  1. I'm hoping someone buys this bag before I break down and get it...

    It's at in the regularly priced Gryson section or handbag section even though it's about 50% off.
  2. wow... gorgeous! i am so seriously tempted! thanks for the link!
  3. that's a nice looking bag!
  4. This is a WONDERFUL bag. I got it on sale (for $475) back in December from another site and it was worth ever penny. $388 would be hard to pass up!
  5. That is my favorite Gryson style. Someone has to get it!
  6. bag is gorgeous! too bad it is in black only
  7. That's a nice bag!
  8. The bag is gorgeous, and i've never shopped on this site before so thanks for both!
  9. I love the Ava too. I considered one this fall. Glad I waited cuz Ava's big sister Amanda showed up in Gryson's Spring Line. My daughter got one in blue. I love the white. Same cool trigger lock as the Ava, but in bright silver. At 18" long this is a fairly big bag, and makes quite a statement. She is getting so many compliments! Of course being new there is no sale price:shame: Check it out at
  10. I've never heard of this line, but that is one great looking bag!!
  11. Gorgeous bag but it's way too large for me. Thanks for the link.
  12. I got this bag at an incredible deal! Bagged an additional 25% off so it came to a total of $308 with S&H!!!!
  13. hi how did u get the 25% off? any tips?
  14. arg ok nvm i think its sold out, couldnt find the item anymore on urbanchic =(
  15. Sorry shihfan! I just got back to a computer now.. I used toutie2007...