Gryson amazing in so many ways!

  1. I thought that anyone dreaming of adding a Gryson to their collection this spring would be interested in the info I ran across on the Bag Snob. Sometimes I think its hard to make the leap with a new brand, especially at this price point. I am totally sold on Gryson. I have four now:shame: ! An embarassment of riches! I love their classic timeless designs and the quality has been amazing for the money!! shows their new spring bags. I would love to hear what everyone else covets. I am crazy about the Heidi, and the Josey in green!!!! That color is TDF! What do you think girls?? How about the Skye in Blue Jean OMG! Really have to stop now!:rolleyes: !
  2. That Jasper in Blue Jeans makes me melt. But at the same time it is so huge and impractical. I have a Skye and Tate. They are my size. I sure love the Spring colors but I can't justify another Skye or Tate just to get another color. But I don't have a Woven and that is different enough in itself to warrent a purchase. Maybe later this year if I could find one on a sale or use a coupon. I've got Koobas coming and Botkiers. I need to get a grip for awhile.
  3. I've recently gotten interested in this line as well. I don't own any Gryson bags but you can bet I'll be investigating them. I think they're beautiful bags! So far I've heard nothing but good reports about them.

    Love them! My wish list just gets longer and longer. :shame:
  4. I purchased a Gryson Skye in grey a few months back and absolutely love it! I'm only heard really pleasant things about the folks who work for the company, so that accompanying link was nice to read. Can't wait to see some of the spring line in the stores!
  5. I love the look of that tote. I wish that I had just dropped serious cash on another bag. My secret hope is that it isn't that popular (yeah, right) and it goes on sale toward the end of the season.

    So far, I have the Skye in camel and the Ava in burgundy. I adore both. I've recently started experimenting with wearing my Sky unsnapped. It's amazing how versatile that bag is!