Grumpy & Can't shake it

  1. not sure if this is the right section sorry if it's not.

    I don't know what's wrong with me lately I just feel so grumpy and I can't seen to shake it off

    It's like PMS but just lasting longer, nothing has changed in my life so I don't why I feel this way but the smallest things just :cursing: me lately

    What do you do to lift your spirits? I need to get out of this funk
  2. Sorry to hear you are not feeling yourself Label Addict. When I get like that I just let it ride. Usually when I'm like that its because I'm overtired. Don't worry, it should pass! We can't feel wonderful all the time.
  3. I've been feeling like that for the last week, but part of it I think is that I've been slow at work and then when I do work I've been getting crappy assignemnts. But overall I just feel like killing people (okay, not literally). But yeah, I just feel super irratable. It's getting a little better. I think sometimes I just go through a cycle like that and it has to pass. Maybe it's hormones. Who knows. But it sucks!
  4. Yes I've been going through a lot of anger this summer...anger at my failed relationship, losing my sucks. For me I have to ride it out and get productive so I've been doing a ton of cleaning out closets, trips to Goodwill, exercise, keep reaching out to friends for support. It will pass!!