Grueling wait for sophie!!

  1. :cursing: so I purchased a sophie on eBay 2 days ago and have been very anxious to get my fed ex tracking number from the seller. I heard from her today and she said she had a migraine and couldn't send it yesterday but that she was packaging it up now and would mail today. Now 1/2 day later she writes to ask me if it would be ok for her to mail it tomorrow morning as she is still not feeling well. would be the answer to that question, but I obviously cannot make her send it today so she must do what she must do ya know?

    This is the most $$ I've spent on an eBay bag and waiting for her to arrive is seriously killing me!! My stomach knots up at the thought of a possible scam.

    ....on a good note, the seller has been very nice and has communicated so I hope that she is a good person, I know that there are some of those left on eBay amongst the crud.

    ...and so i wait...
  2. who is the seller?
    luv f1 cars or something like that?
  3. Sellers are human after all and prone to maladies like any of us. She sounds like a good person. Give her a chance.:flowers:
  4. can't to see pics.
  5. i didn't finish my post, sorry
    if so, that lady seemed nice. she is tpf'er and i know her sophie auction just ended the other day.
  6. aww, she's probably just sick
  7. I know waiting for Ebay stuff is super painful because your imagination can totally go crazy, at least mine can and does! LOL! But I think the fact that she has been in communication with you a couple of times to let you know what is going on is a really good sign. I think all will be fine.
  8. ^^i agree :yes:

    here's hoping everything would turn out fine :smile:
  9. EXACTLY!! It's not like it's been over a week or anything it's only been a few days. She has been super nice and communicating about everything! I had to laugh because she knew I was a nervous nelly and she even sent me a picture of the box addressed to me and ready to go.

    In any case she said the package went out today and since someone even mentioned she's a tpf'er that's even more reason for me to settle the hell down right? I'll sleep well now :smile:

    Thanks everyone!