Grudge 2

  1. just saw that tonight. i have to go pee, but i don't want to. :X

    thoughts? i think i saw about 25-30% of the movie. and i wasn't really mad/etc that i wasted my money on the ticket cuz it was a free ticket. lol. so in essence, a free movie... so i didn't feel as bad if i didn't see EVERYTHING..

    and even then, i can't go to sleep still. damned. :wtf: :sad:

    oh, and to add to that.. the people that worked in the theaters thought it would be funny to flicker the lights on and off, during the movie and at certain scary moments. :wtf: yeah. that was everyone in the theater.
  2. Oh my god...
    I saw the original Japanese version of the first one and nearly died from fright (yes I am sure it is possible!) so I would NEVER see the second one!

    I am hopeless though; the most D-grade, sh*tty horror movie will scare the crap out of me!
  3. ^^^ the Japanese Grudge was MUCH better than the American version. The big difference is that the Japanese Grudge (ju-on, I believe?) was made for adults as a rated R movie. The American Grudge was targetting a younger crowd, and was PG-13. Another thing about the American Grudge that sucked was that it took place in Japan - but the protagonist was in some sort of exchange program. It made things very confusing - why not keep Japanese characters in a Japanese setting and just have them speak English? The Grudge took place in Japan but was centered around all American characters! The Japanese Grudge was set in Japan with Japanese characters - it just made alot more sense and was a whole lot less confusing, with better acting, more jumps, and of course, more blood :smile: The Japanese version also explained the plot much, much better - it was more indepth and so it built fear - the American Grudge was a bunch of cheap jumps that lead to no where IMO.
  4. oh believe me, i got scared from Monster House (the 3d animated movie for kids released earlier this summer). anything with any sorts of BOO! or ghost or whatever is good enough for me.
  5. i saw the first part and loved it. can't wait to see the second. it's not yet in the cinemas where i live. :sad:
  6. LivinLuxuriously, you forgot to mention the third thing that sucked about the American version of The Grudge, which was Sara Michelle Geller! lol!
  7. it was scaaaaaaaaaary!!
    i covered my eyes most of the timee...
    and it wasnt as good as the first one..
    too much appearance from the ghosts!!:upsidedown:
  8. cant wait to seee grudge 2 ... im a horror movies freak LOL
  9. ^ yeah me too. Didn't have time to go yet.
  10. I will wait until it comes out on video. No sense in me going to the theatre I would cover my face through the whole movie. At least at home I can watch it during the day with lots of sunlight- HA
  11. grudge 2 was pretty ok. i agree the japanese version IS better though. but i felt that grudge 2 was better than grude 1 (amercian version). when i was younger i watched this movie about ouija boards..i think it was called witchcraft or something like that. and at the time i had 2 of those ouija boards b/c it was the cool thing back then. let me tell you, I threw them out the moment i watched that movie. i wanted to burn them actually. til this day i will never have a ouija board in my house, EVER again.
  12. grudge 2 was scary but i thought that the firt one was better. I'm about to watch he grudge 2 (japanese version) with my bf right now. One thing i didn't like about the american version was that in the american version i thought that the caucasian ghost looked stupid.