1. this SA from Bobbi Brown (she's actually the manager) just makes me MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDD!!:cursing:

    She is like the WORST sales person EVER!!! If you don't buy something, she totally gives you the cold shoulder in a heartbeat! When she's puttingn colors on you or answering your questions she's friendly (almost too friendly like fake...) then when you say "oh I'll think about it...or...I don't know" she turns her back on me, pretends she's busy at the cash register and doesn't even acknowledge when I say "bye, have a good day".

    Even on the PHONE...she just called me to see if I wanted to book an appt to get my makeup done b/c BB is getting new spring colors next weekend, and I said, "oh I ca'nt, I'm busy" she's like..oh..uh hmmm...then I tell her "maybe another time.." and she goes "yeah..uh hmmm..." doesn't even say bye. GRRR...

    too bad, that's the only bobbi brown counter in my city too....and I like their cheek stain's and lip glosses and brick shimmers...i just HATE HER!

    there's other SA there that are super nice, I just gotta avoid her I guess..

    sorry I just had to vent...
  2. Can you buy this stuff online instead so you can avoid her completely? She's not worth the stress!
  3. Ugh that is SO rude. I'd find a way to complain about her to the company. she honestly needs to respect her customers..
  4. I *hate* SA's that are rude - I recently wrote and complained to benefit as their SA at my local counter was so unhelpful, she basically just ignored me even though I had £250 in my pocket I wanted to spend entirely at the counter on a mega splurge! I wrote and complained and they sent me free stuff :yahoo:
  5. I hate when that happens. It's too bad you don't have another store to buy your stuff. You should find out her work schedule and try going to the store on her off days.:mad:
  6. thanks everyone!!! I'd love to buy online, but with makeup I have to try the color first..kwim? then I find it on eBay for cheaper...LOL

    she usually doesn't help me and the other girls usually do and they are quite pleasant and very helpful even when I just want to try stuff on or ask was just the last couple of times I went in there she happened to help me and her attitude was the same..
  7. Ita ^
  8. Very unpleasant SA indeed!