1. My mom was going to order me an Azur speedy, but there's none on Elux and she called the hotline and the person said there's no more. :confused1: Am I missing something? :confused1: Where did they all go? It's not a limited edition and I saw it on elux either yesterday or the day before. :cursing:
  2. just wait a while til the buzz dies down :biggrin: there's gonna be more, don't worry!
  3. have you tried calling 866 VUITTON?
  4. I know, but it sucks I can't get it now.
  5. It's out of stock but it should get back in stock soon. It's permanent line..

    I check Elux this morning to..bah...
  6. That's the hotline? I thought 877 890 7171 was
  7. from what i know its not a limited line and the SA at my local LV said that while they didnt have any, they would get some more in in the next few weeks..dont worry you'll get your speedy!
  8. thats the direct number for Louis Vuitton. They can get you anything you want.
  9. Maybe your mom can try again tomorrow.
  10. Oh,ok.
  11. I think many people ARE under the impression that they are limited edition. Give it a few days. I am sure they will replenish their stock in time for holidays.
  12. ^ good luck will get it..
  13. just keep checking elux. i do, everyday. i'm waiting for the azur pochette accessories, i've already ordered the azur speedy 30 and pochette cles, it should get here tomorrow! can't wait! take advantage of the free shipping and no sales tax! :yahoo:
  14. Hopefully, they restock soon.
  15. I would say check your local stores. When fiance was buying the azur speedy for me, he found ONE at a store. You're right though elux doesn't have it.