GRRRRRR* (wasted trip to Loehmann's)

  1. So I just drove 17 miles for no reason to the Loehmann's in East Brunswick, NJ in search of tokidoki bags - I called ahead to ask if they had any in the store, and the SA said yes. I even asked if they had tokis with prints on them or if they were just solid colors, and the SA said they had them with prints. But when I got there - no tokidoki bags at all. Not even a single accessory.

  2. Ugh! Slap the SA who gave you the false info and ask for gas reimbursement! :cursing: I'm sorry you have to go through this. Sucks when they gave you high expectations and let you down this way.
  3. Aww!! That's so poop-tastic. :tdown:
    I hope the SA just didn't know what toki was & weren't just being a jerk. I'll never trust an SA now..
  4. i've learned to ask if the bags have colored/rainbow zippers. if they don't, i know the SA doesn't know what they're talking about!
  5. I saw a Loehmann's store on the Kathy Griffin show... and it just made me sad that we don't have one. :tdown:
  6. That's a very good idea.
  7. I saw that too!! And I was telling my bf that that's where people find tokis for cheap sometimes..not that he cared. hahaha
  8. That's what I told my bf too! *lol* I was like, "The girls on the forum sometimes find tokidoki on sale there!"
  9. LMAO!!! That's too funny!! :biggrin:
  10. lambf: how far are you from philly? loehmanns here still has 3 or 4 citta scuola's, an arancia bv and a citta braccialetto.
  11. I'm about an hour and a half away from Philly, kind of far.
  12. aww man .. so sorry that happened lambfashionista!! :sad:

    sounds like the SA was just "yes"ing you and didn't know what the heck she was talking about
  13. that is far. if you want, i can let you know if they get more.
  14. The funny thing is the person who answered the phone went and got someone from the handbags department to answer my question! Oh well...

    And thanks neeecole, that would be nice of you! :smile:
  15. Uugghh, sorry that happened- I feel for you. Even when I call Macy's or Nordstroms I have to ask for a specific SA who I know and knows what the heck I am talking about. :s

    I have resorted to desperate measures, I call my sister and mother in-law in South Carolina, who are always on the look out for toki for me.:smile: