Grrrrrr I Hate Ebay

  1. regarding my listing whether I should change my auction to BIN, I don't have to worry about it, because eBay removed my listing due to TRADEMARK VIOLATION...I mean it's a LV lock and key set?! I got an extra set when I bought my speedy 35 last year...I have the receipt for my bag but not for the extra key cuz the SA ended up giving me two!

    what should I do?! I don't feel like listing it again...
  2. It happened to me before. was so cheesed off as I tok the effort and time to put up the pictures and beautiful text for this genuine and authentic Gucci bag. It just hit me like lightning when the listing disappeared .. i took the bag to the second hand concessionaire and sold it off.
  3.'s soooo annoying especially when you see all these fakes and report it and it's still up! I bet it was this one seller who I asked how he knows his bag is real..he answered but I never replied back, but I did report his listing...although I didn't watch it so I don't know if eBay deleted it or not..maybe he's just getting back at
  4. I'm so sorry this bad thing happened to you, too. I suspicious someone envy or sell the similiar item reported you to eBay :cursing: This happened to my Cherry Blossom Pink Retro, too~seller of fake Cherry Blossom reported me so they can list their fak retro and potential buyers can't compare & notice it's FAKE.

    The worse, we can't do anything! eBay will close their eyes and ears to all authenticity proof we provide even they told me they can't jugde it's authentic or not and refuse authentication letter from MyPoupette.

    Another tPFer: couturecreature emailed eBay & kept asking. Finally, all her listing removed and her account was suspended by eBay, so horibble :mad:
  5. UGH...that's so horrible lvgodiva! ugh..I give up on ebay selling auth items...they're just..dumb. lol