Grrrrrr help me to understand myself

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  1. I am have a constant obsession with the fact of having an accident and all my stuff falls to the floor so I always always always wants to keep my purses with the ziper closed...

    Also I am a paranoic and I don't want to have anything stolen (I got my cell phone stolen once from the front pocket -with no zipper for my bad luck- )

    So... how come.... I am starting to like the Neverfull!!!!!!!!!! what can I do?? is totally uncompatible from my expectations of a bag... but it looks so nice and it seems that is never... full... and I loooooooove to put and put and put things in my bag

    toughts? I appreciate your opinions, have you been on my situation and you fall into the NF? how did you manage to cross the border (to an "unsafe" no zipper bag) to manage your fears

    :smile: thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The zipper thing doesn't bother me....but I have seen lots of tpfer's on here talk about using a purse organizer inside the NF!!!! I think they might be called purse-to-go!!??
  3. Just get one of those zippered purse organizers :smile:
  4. gm is taller and
    i've had experience where my nf gm fell to the floor of car from seat and things didnt fall out... so if you want the neverfull but afraid of things falling out, try
    gm or
    mm with a zip up purse orgainzer
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    Yes, a zippered purse organizer is the answer! I got mine from purse-to-go, and it works great :tup:

    You can fit quite a lot in the purse organizer: I keep my wallet, keys, phone, cosmetic pouch, hand sanitizer, hand creme, tissues, iPodTouch and so on there, basically all the small stuff. I only carry the bigger things like books, magazines and a cardigan/scarf outside the organizer.
  6. wanted to add that i've owned totes that are similar in height as neverfull mm and things do fall out when bag falls to the floor
  7. i understand u. my first lv purse was the totally just because of the zipper, the i bought the speedy again because of the zipper, but i just love the nf, so i bought it!

    i use it almost every day and it has a biiiiggg pocket so i put my wallet and phone in the pocket and actually i have a lot of empty space to put more things. i use the bag with the D ring and zipper to my front so no one can open my inside zipper from my back.
    on the d ring i put my car key and out of the zipper i just put things that has no value to me, like umbrella, antibacterial gel, etc.
    i say go for it!
  8. How about just buying a purse with a zipper, like the Raspail?
  9. The NF looks prettier to me and the interioooooooooor is soooooooooo nice :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  10. this is a great idea!
  11. Well I never liked or considered the nf mainly because of the zipper, too open etc. BUT... I have to admit that lately it has started to grow on me too so I can totally relate! This is weird for me as nf was always out of the question, and I am still debating about it but I know that eventually I will very soon go for it-- this red lining keeps calling my name! What I keep telling myself is that the zippered pocket inside can surely fit my wallet, keys and iPhone so they are secure! At least in the GM 's pocket. Well, what can I say... Lets not resist anymore and take the plunge! Lol
  12. sells zip up purse organizers. Jerrilyn, the owner, is fantastic and will help you determine the best size to order for your bag. Go for it and buy the NF!!
  13. I have the medium Purse to Go for my Neverfull MM. I had the same issue as you until I bought the PTG.

    Here are some pictures for reference.
    image-87832966.jpg image-916216661.jpg image-3417885694.jpg
  14. Ohh it looks gorgeous :smile:
  15. Enabling here...but go buy the NF and just listen to the other ladies in the forum and purchase a purse organizer. You don't want a zipper for the DE else are you going to admire that red interior all the time if it's a zippered bag!