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  1. I called the Coach outlet this morning to see if they had anymore satin Amanda's...the SA immediately says no.

    I call again just now....this SA says yes!!!!! Guess who is sneaking out of work early now?? Tee hee hee!!!!!!!

    They said no to the matching skinny's though.... :crybaby:
  2. Oh good luck!! Which outlet are you headed to?
  3. oh wow which outlet did you call I need to see if they have any I wanted some too
  4. I'm sooo sick of the SA "blow off!" I called mine on friday to check on a gold signature stripe tote and they told me NO! I had style #'s and everything! Then I went up there anyway on Saturday knowing I'd find something (and after price adjustments) and there were DOZEN'S of them!!! Now tell me those weren't in the PC's stock check on friday afternoon! I don't think so!!!

    SA's just blow us off all the time! Mine won't hold ANY item's for me (even though they know I drive an hour and a 1/2) and won't even do a CHARGE-HOLD on any clearance pieces!!! Dosen't being a loyal customer get you anywhere?!

    I say the SA blow off need's to be called out to JAX!!! LOL
  5. LCM....Yeah, I asked if she'd charge me and hold it, she said they can't on clearance, but for a FACT...I've done it before.

    Q & Shia...I'm heading to San Marcos shortly. She says they have tons, not to worry. Hard not to worry when you can't believe anything they!

    This is what sucks about addiction....

  6. That blow off does need to be reported to someone. I hate it when they make people feel less than valued. Really, even if you had only purchased one Coach in the past you should be given correct information and treated with respect. Not blown off. Why does customer service so often suffer?
  7. I won't be able to make the trip to San Marcus until later this month. It is about 5 hours for me.I haven't been to the outlet in about a year, I am so ready. Have a great time and I hope you find all the treasures you desire.

    I am wondering if the outlets have a standard "factory" (I think) Shoulder Tote. Like the one in the picture...

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  8. When I went to the outlet I put two Amanda mini's on hold and the SA said they'd be on hold for 48 hrs and if I didn't pick them up they'd call and could place them on hold for me again. The day I was supposed to pick them up there was an emergency and my mom had to take my car leaving me with no way of getting to the outlet. When they called I asked if they could hold them again because I was going to go the next day. She told me they can only do a 48 hour hold and can't charge hold it for me! I was so upset. It was the last pink one and they had only had a few green the day I went so nothing was left the next day. :cursing:
  9. EEEK! The mere fact that there is no consistency is what is beyond me being thrown into surgical menopause and my Coach addiction makes for a dangerous mix! LOL!

    I'm off ladies...wish me luck!!!!! I'll check out your request farmers wife! Maybe I'll have a mini reveal of my own later! :smile:
  10. Good luck getting everything you want, Txmommy!
  11. that sucks...I have 2 things on a charge hold waiting for me at the outlet 2 hours from me..they are both clearance long as you pay for it they should NOT have a issue holding it.
  12. Good luck! I just stopped at the Houston Premium Outlets on the way home and no amanda stuff. Just one evening bag that had some spots. No python ergo framed satchels either. The mgr checked the 'offsite' location and none...No resort pony tails. Only resort stuff were keychains and one 27x27 scarf which I picked up for 19.99. I seriously think they save stuff for the weekends or they just slow to get the good stuff. :sad:

    So good luck to ya at San Marcos outlet!!
  13. Okay...while I was there...I was enabler! I sold a incredible natural gigi to some lady on the fence! I heard her go to the counter and they asked if someone helped her today....she said the lady with the red ergo!!! roflmao! (aka: me!) The gigi was only $240ish...what a steal!!!!!!! back to selfish ol' me! :graucho:


    Pardon the crappy sunlight...while at stop light pics!!! Tee hee hee!!!!

    [​IMG] you haven't figure it out
  14. [​IMG]

    a bigger

    Can't wait to put her on my lunch box signature & patent trim tote!


    Just sad there were no skinny's to match her! honestly, I think I am going back tomorrow!!!! I'm stuck on the green one!!!:wtf:
  15. ^^^^Ooooo!!!! So pretty!!!!! I love them both!!! Congrats!!!!