Grrrrr! Why does eBay allow this???

  1. eBay Seller: lwchastine: Fragrances, Health Beauty items on

    Some of you have attempted to sell authentic bags and eBay pulls your auctions down or even closes your account, yet they allow this person to sell tons of what I presume are fakes merely based on the price. I'm too new at this to know how to detect fakes but come on, 56 brand new never used bags all priced at $65.00 each. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure it out.
  2. *sigh* It's so true, that first Alma is such an icky fake too, so I imagine that they are all bad fakes as well... I think we should definitely report them.
  3. Actually I had a look at the sellers history and I wonder if its a hacked account :s :shocked:
  4. Yeah, I'm thinking it's a hacked account. I don't think this eBayer even knew what was happening, all of the listings are gone now. This sort of thing is very very common. Always be careful when you type in your user name and password, you could be typing in a fake window that gives your info to the wrong person. Very scary :sad: