GRRRRR!!!! Total Insensitivity or Insanity!!

  1. So for xmas I gave my mom a black classic flap according to the advice on here and from DH - you know what she said??? "Well why don't you just take it back since you use them so much"

    I thought a Chanel was a pretty darn good gift and she says that to me? She may not be a hangbag junkie like me - but please it isn't some straw bag bought at K Mart - it is a Chanel - something really expensive that I could finally afford to give her out of PURE LOVE ...WTF?????
  2. :shocked: :shocked: AAH!

    Thats horrible....
    I'd adopt you and apprecite the bag :graucho:
  3. nothing I do buy or say is ever good enough for her ... now that I can afford the good stuff ... she can't even appreciate the thought behind that ... I am so hurt ... I feel like taking it back and giving it to someone who would appreciate the gesture ...
  4. :sad: Oh harley, I'm sorry. Do you think your mom was just uncomfortable with the amount of money that was spent and or didn't want you spending your hard-earned money on her and just ended up acting defensive? IMO don't take it back though, you gave it to her with the greatest of love, leave it at that. What a sweet daughter you are.:smile:
  5. There are some people who just don't appreciate handbags. Or maybe she doesn't appreciate Chanel. Some people are beyond reasoning. Try not to take it too personally. :sad:

    What does she admire/appreciate? Something for the house? Reservations at some really nice restaurants? Just get exactly what she likes next time and if she can't appreciate Chanel... that's her loss. You sound like a wonderful daughter!

  6. No she was not uncomfortable - she keeps telling me about how her best friend's son bought his mom a bmw - now that I cannot afford right now, but I would gladly buy one if I cound
  7. what brand of hangbag she usually carry? perhaps you can go from there?

  8. she carries those guess bags with the big g's all over them!!!
  9. i understand my mom is from the old school gets real funny about gifts it has to be exactly what she wants or she takes it back. this year she took back almost everything i got her for christmas.
  10. I was also going to suggest that she's uncomfortable receiving expensive gifts. I'm going to remember this for whenever my daughters give me anything, I'm going to be super enthusiastic about whatever it is they give me.
  11. You must feel so disappointed. I wonder why she doesn't understand the gesture?
  12. i wish i knew ....what do you guys think i should do? Take it back?
  13. That's a good question. I think I might. Why waste such a lovely bag on someone who can't appreciate it?

    Perhaps you can ask her what she would prefer, and get that... or give her a gift certificate and let her get exactly what it is she does want.
  14. Aww that's really too should explain to her the thought that went behind it. Maybe let her know how interested you are in handbags so that she can understand that from your perspective, it was a very nice gift?
  15. I am like that now with my girls. No matter what they get me, I always act super enthusiastic. I just would never want to hurt their feelings. My younger one puts alot of thought into her gifts, and just knowing that is enough to please me.

    I am so sorry this happened to you. I would also be hurt.