Grrrrr- So mad!!!!

  1. With the advice and recommendation of fellow Pfers I just purchased a Betsey Johnson Good Girl Hobo. Was so excited when I received it last Monday- it was just what I wanted. BUT it's already broken:cursing: . I literally carried it three times with no problems. Then, yesterday, went to pick it up by the top shoulder strap and the hardware just broke. So weird- it's like it was already broken or something- I used no force (and did not notice it basically sheered off) until I went to pick it up and the hardware came with it. You know the cute "door knocker" hardwear on the sides? Yep- one of the bolts basically sheered. Sooooo mad!!!! I called the Betsey 1-800 number and no answer since it was the weekend. Called my local store and was told that the manager was out, would be back on Tuesday, and should be able to help me. For the heck of it called another Betsey boutique, in Northern VA, were the saleswoman told me that "oh, yea, a bunch of people are coming in with that problem. There is nothing we can do, Betsey won't take them back. All I can tell you is go to a local shoe repair shop." Wait- so I buy a $300+ dollar bag, carry it 3 times, it breaks and you won't stand behind your product? WTF? On top if it- the way it is broken I don't think the shoe guy will be able to repair it. SOOO MAD! Fortunately, the company I bought it from (not a Betsey Boutique) said they will refund my purchase price less shipping, but what a hassel. And I really liked this bag..-just bought the wallet to match. But if/when I get my refund I think I should just stay away, rather than purchase another of same. I mean if they are all breaking like this....Sorry for the rant, just so PO'd
  2. Where did you purchase it from? You should get a full refund including the shipping.
  3. I agree...WTF? No one is taking that much of my money and not standing behind their product! I would be FURIOUS! I would still go into your store in person, and ask for a manager. I would be demanding that they fix the problem! I swear, there are SOOOOOO many people that have broken bags around here, especially for the amount of cash they drop on them, it totally perplexes me?!?! I think maybe only once in my life did I have something break on a bag other than the lining ripping(which all my bags end up doing at the side pockets)
    Seriously, if they won't help you with this I would make sure to write a letter about how you would get better customer service than that on a 5 dollar bag at Wal-mart and let them know you will continue to write until something is done .:cursing:
  4. I know!!! Well what is so ridiculous is that I purchased the bag, brand new, from an ebay seller (with awesome feedback). She had been great. She said I can try to fix it with Betsey myself, that she'll trade the broken one for a new one (which I don't want b/c the one is has is brown and I want/ed black), or that she'll refund the purchase price (minus shipping). So what- Betsey won't stand behind the product and give me a refund, but this wonderful ebay seller will? I mean, okay it sucks that she won't refund the shipping too, but still getting the purchase price back is better than dealing with a brand new broken bag. Seriously- I've lost some faith in BJ
  5. It's just incredible that Betsey Johnson knows there's a defect in the bag and they don't take care of it! I'd write a scathing (but civil, if possible) letter to the company. That's just unacceptable. You shouldn't have to be dealing with this.
  6. Oh no! They better give you a refund. This is unacceptable!
  7. I had looked at this bag and actually ordered from Nordstrom last summer but when it came, I thought the hardware looked cheap and would break soon.. I've stayed away from Betsey since then. Sorry you are having this problem..didn't see your original post or I would have said this then...
  8. Bah! that's horrible :sad: sorry to hear this and they better give you a refund!
    They have no right to disagree with you tbh!
  9. Thanks everyone for your words of sympathy. I am going to try to call Betsey corporate tomorrow and try (maybe not too hard) to be civil. Heck- I'm in law school- I can argue with the best of them. Not that this would be worth pursuing legally but, still, what they are doing errs on illegal. Even if they don't offer a formal warranty with their products, there is the implied warranty of merchantibility (i.e. that you're getting a marketable product). Seems to me a purse you use three/four times is not very merchantible. Maybe I'll have to bust out some legal vernacular tomorrow (and in a follow up letter if they don't fix my problem). I wonder- has anyone else on here had this problem with their Good Girl Bags? Maybe we can all band together?
  10. I don't own the good girl bag, but I have some of Betsey's other bags and have had no problem If I did though, I would do exactly what you're doing. It's not acceptable for people to not stand behind their merchandise. Let us know how it works out!
  11. OMG, I would be livid.
  12. that is annoying

    most reputable department stores will accept the return for the sake of good business
  13. That's insane! I'm one of the people that sang the bag's praises. I wonder if it's just the medium, that the hardware is to heavy for that size bag? My oversized version has had no problems, although I overload it with my laptop/binders/books/etc every day.

    Wow. That really sucks on BJs part.
  14. I know. I guess that was the main shocker for me. Okay, I understand that a company can't always control the quality of each bag (i.e. there are going to be some problems) but the fact that the company wouldn't stand behind it? That has completely turned me off of BJ. And sorry for her- b/c I was actually considering getting a couple more bags. This is one girl who won't be "fooled" a second time.
  15. My psychic powers tell me that they will tremblingly send you a replacement bag that has personally been strength-tested by Betsey, an orangutan, and a large dump truck. Best not to think too much about that part, it won't be pretty, but your replacement bag won't break.