Grrrrr! Should I look for a new SA?

  1. Let me tell you the history... (Kinda long- sorry)

    So since they opened the Austin, Texas boutique in March of 07, I have bought 2 purses. They weren't super expensive but not super cheap either, in between. I would've bought a third had they not sold out of the Sunset Boulevard in Pommes d'Amour. My first bag, from that boutique, I bought the day the boutique opened. I was there right when the doors opened, so I went to the first SA I saw because I was afraid they'd sell out of the Montaigne Clutch, even though he was clueless about LV. Good thing I did because they only had two and the first one was already sold. My second purchase of the year was the Azur Speedy 30. This time I went to a new SA, I don't think the other one worked there anymore. She had answered some of my questions a previous time that I went in with my mom to look for my potential birthday present. So when my birthday came along, I asked for her, thinking I could build a relationship with her. I occasionally go in to look at new arrivals and to ask questions to narrow down my next purchase, so I go to her if she's there. I had been loving the Sunset Boulevard in Pommes d'Amour. I knew I might get a new LV for Christmas, but I wasn't sure if that was the one I wanted. So about a month and a half before Christmas, I called her and asked if they had it at the store. She said they had one left. I told her that I had decided to go with that but I needed to wait until closer to Christmas, knowing that was a risk on my part. So about 2 weeks before Christmas, I call back ready to buy it and it had been sold. I asked if they'd get more anytime soon, and she said she wasn't sure, to call back. So I called about 2 weeks later and she said maybe by Valentine's day. So I went in the store about 2 weeks into January and asked again.

    So here's my problem, I found out that they have a Valentine's day preview or event on Feb 12. The invitation has a picture of my beloved LV that I have been calling about for months. I didn't get an invitation! But my coworker, who has purchased one LV around Christmas, her first LV, did get an invitation. If it wasn't for the fact that I have been asking about it for a few months, I would not be at all upset. I know that not everyone get invites to those events, but I can't help being angry at my SA. Who decides what clients are invited? Am I overracting? What would you do in my place? Would you find a new SA?

    Ok enough venting....
  2. Find a new SA and drop hints about preview events to them. Just act like you're in the know and say "are there any events or new items being launched?". Questions like that always help :biggrin:
  3. I would find a new SA
  4. find a new SA
  5. Find a new SA. I kind of have one but she doesn't work all the time so I am still finding new ones!
  6. find a new SA!
  7. I agree find a new SA:tup:
  8. Def. find a new SA!
  9. Find a new SA. If I were an LV SA, you can be SURE that I'd want my customers to come back to me!
  10. I would find a new SA
  11. i'd get a new SA, after i call and ask her why i wasn't invited to the event. talk about putting someone on the spot...
  12. Yup, I'd call her up directly and ask her about the event. Don't say much....let her do the talking. Just say that you had heard about the upcoming event and was wondering about it. See what she says. Then find a new SA. Preferably one in the same store and make sure you bring in lots of friends and family to buy as well from time to time, and hopefully she'll get the message.
  13. Move on - find another SA and stress that you are interested in buying, but they have to be interested in telling you when they have an item in stock. If they aren't willing to work for it, you shouldn't give them the sale - LV SAs don't have commission, but they still have goals to make !
  14. I would find a new SA too. I mean if its that hard for her to remember something then your future purchases will be stressful too. Good Luck.
  15. find a new SA :smile: