Grrrrr, problems with apartment management!

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  1. I moved out of my apt over 5 months ago, and was expected to get a large chunk of my security deposit back. Before I ended my lease, I had to give my info for a forwarding address, etc.

    Well, I was in Europe for 3 months after I left, and expected my refund check to be at my parents house when I came back.

    Well, no check was there come November. I called the leasing office (keep in mind this apt. complex is a huge community of townhomes, tower apts, etc.) and spoke to someone, who said my refund was sent in Sept. I told them I never received it, and they confirmed it was never cashed. So, they said they would reissue me a new one.

    Fast forward to now, and they haven't done a single thing. Every time I call them, they say they will speak to someone in accounting and get to the bottom if it, and get back to me within the hour. They never do. One guy lied and said my refund check was on its way, this was in Dec, yet when I called last week the lady told me that the only check ever sent was the one back in Sept, that never arrived at my new address.

    I want my $$ back!! Is there anything I can do? I just wrote a letter to management, thinking that maybe a physical letter is better than a phone call. Otherwise, I don't know how to get these leasing idiots to listen to me.

    What is worse is I don't live in that state anymore, so I can't go yell in their faces like I want to!

    Thanks for listening. :heart:
  2. Perhaps check if there is some sort of governing body concerning these types of matters. Like, is there an apartment association in your area? Try seeing if there are any of these types of associations in your area, and contact them to see what you can do.

    That's a big pain in the butt! I hope everything works out for you.
  3. can you drive over there and show up in person??? there's no reason they couldn't give you a check right then and there!

    i remember once we (me and roomate) paid $300 security depo ($150 each) and we only got $45 TOTAL back... that was a downer.. but in the end i was just happy to be out of that situation and glad i got anything back at all.

    crap, sorry i can't read! just read the last sentance that said you don't live near there. how far away is it and how much is your check? maybe it would just be worth taking the road trip? :smile:
  4. It's time to play hardball.

    Call them when they open, and then if you can, every hour on the hour starting when they said they would get back to you and then didn't. Let them know that they can't dodge you forever. Put the pressure on them. From someone who has worked in customer service before - things get as done as quickly as possible when you know that someone unhappy is going to be calling you back soon.
  5. refund check is $560 and they are half-way across the country

    I want to go back soon and visit friends/family anyway, so if it is not settled I will definitely try to go there in person. It's just so frustrating!
  6. I am going to call them in like an hour. You are right, I will annoy them every single hour until they get it through their thick heads that they need to get this sorted. Each time I call, I get progressively worse and more frustrated. Maybe by the end of the day this will be resolved. Thank you! :smile:
  7. It was in SF, so I am positive they have a housing authority that deals with this stuff, I was just hoping it wouldn't get to that point. Plus, living hundreds of miles away doesn't help. I'll cross my fingers that it gets fixed after today or this week.If not, I def. going to call some organization to see what they'll do. It isn't really about the $$$ anymore-- I just hate that these people think they can take advantage of the situation and take ppl's money. I'll let you guys know what happens! :smile:
  8. Ooh, there is a big housing authority here in SF.... you should give them a call and see what they can do. or
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif](415) 282-6622[/FONT]
  9. First, find out what the security deposit laws are in your state. Print it out and send it to them with a letter stating the problem. Make sure you send it by certified mail so someone has to sign for it and they cannot claim that they did not receive it. From now on, I would deal with them through the mail and send everything certified. It may cost a bit more than a phone call, but at least they won't be able to claim that no one knows what you are talking about.

    I am going through something very similar right now and I know that you probably want to give them a piece of your mind. Don't do may only give them a reason to ignore you more or avoid you. They can't avoid the mail...
  10. I had a similar problem (I think I even posted a thread about it here) and Amanda's problem worked for me. I called, like Amanda says, literally every hour on the hour, starting at 9 a.m. By 1 pm, the property manager was so annoyed that she asked for my address so she could personally send me my check back. She even said 'I'm sick and tired of you harassing our employees so I am giving you your money back'. It was rude, but I didn't feel like I needed to argue anymore so I just left it at that.
  11. Ugh I'm sorry! I've had some major issues with my apartment management as well. It took them over a month to replace the screens (they were like this when we moved in), clean broken glass in the parking lot and fix the broken ceiling fan. I started to put in work orders every few days until I magically talked to the right person and it was fixed the same day. :idea:

    They also tried to screw me over and make us pay a pet fee when we signed a contract stating we didn't. I can't wait to move in July.

    I would do as Amanda suggested and just start calling every hour. Sooner or later they will have to talk!
  12. ^^^^Actually, msot would NOT be able to just write you a check - in repsonse to whomever suggested it.

    You need to find out who the management company is that owns/runs the property, forget about the people in the front office.

    I managed apartments for YEARS and they're just telling you whatever people in tehir home office are telling them. At this point, skip them - go over their heads.
  13. how rude of her!! sorry but if they said that to me i would have totally been :cursing:. lol.
  14. Swanky, you are right....the reason I know they won't be able to do it then and there is because one of the reps I talked to on the phone said it is their Arizona Office that deals with refunds/reissuing the checks, etc...not the accounting people in their SF office. Still though, they need to put in the order/request to reissue it, and the idiots still haven't done so.

    I need to find out the name of the management company in Arizona- i know it isn't of the same name as the property area...I can call them, but I have a feeling they too won't be very responsive.

    They aren't going to be eager to please me and issue my refund because 1. they want to keep the $$$ and 2. i am no longer a resident, so they have no need to maintain customer loyalty, etc.

    Anyway, didn't get the chance to call them today at all to see what they say this time, I have been busy on and off all day. I am going to send out the letter tomorrow regardless, and hopefully I will get the address of their management company and send it there as well and see what happens after that.
  15. No, don't think that way. . . no management companies I ever worked for felt that way about previous residents.
    Find out who manages them, it should be easy, you could probably even Google it.