first bag arrived...soiled

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  1. I think my head my explode. :cursing:

    My **very** first RM purchase, a dusty matinee purchased from arrived today.

    I was SO excited. I opened it up and admired the lovely color.
    Then I tried it on, great drop length.
    Then I noticed how horribly misshapen it was. I started to look further and noticed a spot near the bottom of one of the handle connectors.....after looking at it more and more I started to notice that BOTH handles were dirty....I kept looking and noticed that the body of the bag -- also dirty.

    I had a small fit and then got on with customer service. They proceeded to tell me that there wasn't a single one left in stock for my exchange and I almost lost it. I asked her to speak to her manager and see if there was *anything* they could do to find the stock. They looked and said someone had one in their shopping cart and until they removed it or the cart timed out they couldn't use it for my order. BAH!!!! :crybaby:

    Well eventually the person that had it in their cart released it and it became available for my re-order. Phew!! So, hopefully they will fulfill the order and ship it out to me soon.

    I just went to take photos to share here, but quickly realized that someone broke my camera at my sons birthday party on Saturday. :sad:
  2. oh noo, thats terrible news :tdown: Fortunately you were able to get the re-order, pheww...oh! Did you ask them to check your re-order Dusty to make sure it wasn't a return either, just to be sure you get a perfect bag. And thats such bad timing that your camera broke too... I hope your new bag arrives safely and that your camera get fixed/ replaced too.
  3. Oh goodness, one after another. Sorry that your first experience was a bad one. I hope you get a perfect Dusty Mattie soon!
  4. That's too bad. It's a little scary buying from Bluefly when you know the bags may be returns. I bought a 1400 Chloe from thme once and was horrified. It was balled up, dented, and mishapen. I told them they should never have sent a 1400 bag out in that condition. It was just a short matter of time where they Chloe showed back up for sale. But then all of my other Bluefly experiences were great. I Hope your next bag is a good specimen.
  5. Oh no!!! That's aweful!! First your bag and then your camera! Here's hoping you get both in your hands fixed real soon!
  6. Thats aweful. The dusty leather is pretty sensitive to getting dirty but they should have inspected that bag before sending it to you!! Sending good karma your way! I hope your new bag comes in perfect :heart:
  7. #7 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    ....and my replacement 2nd dusty matinee bag arrived today and 5x worse than the last doesn't even look like the same color at all......and the entire side of the factory plastic wrapping had been ripped open previously and scotch taped back. This one was OBVIOUSLY a return item that was sent to me.

    I also ordered a two cream makeup cases and a silver one, all three are damaged. The cream cases have weird gray spots on them and the silver case has a huge crease right thru the middle of it.


    BlueFly is the WORST company I have EVER bought a bag or accessories from, hands down.
  8. Oh, jeez, I'm so sorry to hear that, selketkrb... You should definitely demand a refund, not just of the cost of the bag but of all the shipping costs (if applicable)! How can they still sell a bag that's so badly soiled/damaged?! Do they not at least know how to check the condition of returns?!
  9. Woah, this story is awful! They better give you a refund in full and then some! I am so sorry this happened to you! I really hope you find a dusty matty SOMEWHERE ELSE! :hugs:
  10. Just for fun, here are pics:

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  11. I am so sorry to here this. I hope they sort it out quickly for you. :tup:
  12. Here are the cases:

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  13. I am so sad. I love this color and this bag. I can't find it anywhere else! :crybaby:
  14. If you really want to keep it, an alternate route could be to ask bluefly for a partial refund for the dusty and then send it to lovinmybags for restoration.
  15. You know I bought a Dusty MAB from a different retailer this past summer, and it looked the same. Like it had been handled over, and over again. I think this leather is just too delicate. I luckily was able to return it, and bought my Cloudy Grey Matinee instead. Hope you have better luck with another etailer!