Grrrrr....My car won't start!

  1. :cursing:

    Has this ever happened to you?

    I was all ready to start my day... put my key in the ignition, turned... & NOTHING...!!! :censor: Just a little soft, quick clicking noise & my odometer flashing at me. So I turned it back to off, clicked forward once to check the radio.. which came on slowly...then turned on the lights & the radio turned off.

    Yuck. :yucky:

    I'm pretty sure it's just the battery....:shrugs: but man, I wasn't expecting this & I don't want to deal with it today. I have to work in a few hours.

    Thankfully, I'm off tomorrow & I'll be able call someone to help me figure this out.

    I'm so bummed!! :hysteric:
  2. Yeah, that does suck! Just be glad this happened to you at home and not at work or somewhere else. Either it is the battery, starter, or alternator.
  3. ^^ Most likely the battery dying slowly. I think if it were the starter or the alternator the lights wouldn't come on at all. Maybe you can ask a friend to come over and try to jump start the car, which may save you some expense.
  4. I don't know anything about cars, but I wanted to wish you good luck with it!!:smile:
  5. Sorry this happened to you. I hope this isn't anything serious. Good luck!
  6. aww, good luck with it! i hate car problems.
  7. I've had that happen. I had a job and I went out and got in my car to leave and get lunch the damn thing wouldn't start. I was really peeved because I had to miss my job (and therefore make no $$$ that day). I tried to jump it and it wouldn't work so I assumed it was something like the alternator and had it towed to the dealer. Come to find out it just needed a battery. Argh!
  8. awww, so sorry. Do you have triple A?
  9. I hope it is just the battery!
  10. It's more than likely the battery, but it might be the alternator. A quick test for that....jump the car, then disconnect the jumper cables and wait. If the car dies, it's the alternator, if it doesn't, it's the battery.
  11. :yahoo: Yay!:yahoo:

    Thanks goodness for moms!! No matter how old you are, MOM still comes flying to the rescue.... :yes:

    So... I called Mom, and after she was done work, she went to Napa & bought me a new battery & we disconnected the old battery & hooked up the new...

    I crossed my fingers, turned the key in the ignition & VOILA! vrrrooom!

    :nuts: Car started right up. :wlae:

    Tomorrow is my day off, so I'm gonna take mom a check to pay for the battery & take her out for cocktails and a nice dinner!

    Thanks for all the support ladies!!
  12. darn that sucks, never happened to me before, I hope its just the battery and nothing too expensive
  13. Oh yeah... my suggestion is for everyone to learn at least how to check your oil...even if you don't change it's a messy job if you don't have a lift...

    And learn how to change a car battery!

    Batteries cost anywhere from $50-75 (mine was $75) and if I had to throw in the cost of diagnosis/labor... bleah! :yucky: That's money that could've gone towards a purse!

    But I'm still taking my Mom out to dinner... she's the Best Mom Ever! It's at least a 45min round trip from her end of the island to mom rocks! :rochard:
  14. Do you have jumper cables? Those are a savior too.

    Years ago my dad taught me to change a tire. I am known for getting flats at least once a year.

    Earlier this year I had a flat on the H1 with my 6 month old in the car. I called my hubby since I had just left from having lunch with him and the idiot told me to call the police. I tried to explain that that wasn't their job. Anyway, I could have easily changed my own tire but baby was in the car and it would be too dangerous to leave in the car and change the tire. I ended up calling my dad and he came and changed the tire for me. If I were a TPF gal at that time he woulda paid BIG time at LV.

    I think parents are the BEST!!!!! Glad your car is better. You're a great daughter to appreciate your mom like that. Some kids take that stuff for granted!
  15. Just an fyi, most auto stores will test your battery for free and even install it for you if you ask nicely. ;)