GRRRRR I am sooo mad!

  1. So the story was that a banned PF member BIN my auction and didn't pay within the agreed 10 days so I filed a non-paying bidder as stated in my auction (she did send me 2 small payments which didn't even add up to half the BIN so i refunded them) . Now prior to paying me I asked if she could add 3% if paying by Paypal which she agreed to happily. But now she has the nerve :censor: to file in our ebay dispute that "paypal payment refunded and wanted me to pay 4% for using paypal when wasnt outlined in auction."

    All I wanted was my listing and final % fees refunded but she has to continue annoying me by stating this! Do you guys think I'll get in trouble for asking the 3% (not 4% bloody liar). Do you think ebay won't refund me? Argh this is stressing me so much I want to cry.:cry:
  2. Wow, I can't believe she's being such a jerk, when she's the one who didn't pay!! People can be truly amazing! Did you save your emails regarding the payment of the 3% fee? I have no idea how the Ebay dispute process works, but perhaps you can include a copy of the email comminications you had with her regarding your asking/her accepting the 3% fee. Good luck!
  3. God some people are painful. Did you keep all your correspondence? How can she dispute something she agreed to?
  4. I know! Yes I did keep her emails thank god!! Just want to get me fees back and forget about it!
  5. i do believe it's against ebay rules to ask for extra money to allow someone to pay through paypal
  6. Oh-oh that's what I'm worried about...
  7. Oh NO :amazed::rant: !! Im' so sorry "F" . . . I'll cross my fingers you could get back your money (fees) ! What bad people - why do they buy and not pay ??? :censor:
  8. I would wait to see what ebay says. You have all correspondence, and the bidder agreed but still did not pay. What a piece of work! What is it with ebay recently?
  9. I have had this discussion about extra fees for using PayPal on and off with friends who use PayPal to buy and the general consensus is that they are annoyed when sellers ask for extra for using PayPal. I could see it being particularly annoying if it wasn't stated in the auction either (which I guess it couldn't be if it's against the rules--that I didn't know). I think in the future, it's probably better to consider factoring in the PayPal fees into your starting bid, since almost everyone pays by PayPal these days anyway. (When they do pay--which here doesn't seem to have been the case. I did think though that if a bidder didn't pay and you filed a non-paing bidder complaint, that their comments wouldn't count against your feedback? I'm not sure if this is true, but I seem to recall reading it somewhere--maybe.)
  10. Yes I totally see my mistake and will include the paypal fees in my bidding price next time. What just annoys me is that she used this as an excuse eventhought she did agree to paying it happily enough!

  11. I totally understand your madness ! I've made similar experiences about Paypal-fees aso., I'm so sorry again . . . GOOD LUCK hun :love:
  12. Aww thanx hun! Love ya!
  13. percephonie, sorry to hear about your ordeal on ebay!

    i looked up the page on Paypal and here it is:

    btw, what is the eBay ID of your non-paying bidder? i bet if there are several NPB filed against him/her, eBay may just disregard any of the things the bidder says.

    good luck! i am sure it will work out in your favor but the bidder is just trying to make it harder and more complicated for you. :rolleyes:
  14. I agree, susan-eric. The fees are a drag with Paypal, esp. when people pay with c.c.. However, when paying for high-end items, I personally appreciate the extra layer of protection they supply. So building in some re-coup in the selling price is a good idea. I think I notice that some sellers try to re-coup with the shipping prices, which are often pretty inflated.
  15. percephonie: It's good that you kept the correspondence with this
    (deadbeat) bidder! I think you will be okay with Paypal seeing as this
    person did not pay and agreed to the extra fees in advance. I had something very close to this happen to me and was able to get the money back from Paypal. The odds are in your favor since you have the emails and the person didn't pay. Think positive for the time being,
    let us know what happens.