GRRRRR chanel sale in vancouver

  1. they aren't marking down any earrings:cry:
  2. what about the other costume jewellery? any bracelets?
  3. Did you find out anything else, angelie?
  4. How exciteing.
  5. not even costume can u believe it??

  6. all i know is that it starts on the ninth
  7. I wouldn't expect too much. Sales in Canada don't compare to sales in the US or HK
  8. I hardly see jewellry marked down during the Vancouver sales, so I'm not too surprised. I'm heading over the Vancouver on Saturday, just hope they have soon good deals on shoes and (if I'm lucky) bags!
  9. they said they were gonna have shoes on sale
    so good luck to u lmk what u find
  10. I saw shoes on sale today, same with Blazers. 30% and 50% off.
  11. i was there today and there were shoes, clothes, accessories (belts, keychain, bracelets, etc) and bags (30% off) on sale. When I saw their bag selection, I immediately thought of bluefly! Here are some of what i saw:
    [​IMG]but in black
    [​IMG] a tote like this but in navy blue with a big tassel on the side; the leather is like suede(?? i'm not sure)
    [​IMG]this in pink and white..
    quite a few bags in pink; mostly totes with regular handles
  12. and in terms of shoes they have a pair of denim ballet flats with cc logo on sale for 30% off.. they are super cute but they don't fit my feet properly.. :sad:
  13. what did the bracelets look like??
  14. there is this one with a white heart (with a drawing of a lady and chanel 5 on it) on a gold bracelet. There are a few charm bracelets *those are beautiful*
  15. Are any of the Cambon or flap bags on sale?? Was it busy there??