Grrrr,online ordering!

  1. I'm so fed up, I ordered a beautiful mini paddy over the weekend, I payed extra for next day delivery so it was meant to be dispatched today and delivered tomorrow. However, i've had no dispatch email, no money taken from my account and my order states 'order processing.' Its an online company that don't have a call centre so I can't even call to check. Am gutted, thought my beautiful new bag was coming tomorrow but now I don't know whats going on :tdown:

    Can anyone make me feel better?
  2. I take it there is no email address for inquiries? I want to say relax - and I will! Don't worry until you have to. It is not good for you!!! And trust me - you will get the bag you want. Perseverence pays off!
  3. Yea I have sent them an email so i'll just have to wait for them to reply. I'm just so impatient:p I want to know whats going on. Just wish ordering was straight forward, there always seems to be complications. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Listen they probably missed the ship time and will not charge you until the bag is dispatched (isn't this like a law?). So sit tight! You will get your purse. Keep the faith!!
  5. Cat_UK, who did you order from? Hopefully they'll make amends soon and have that mini Paddy to you quickly. Good luck!
  6. Well, delayed deliveries aren't always such a bad thing ... I ordered my very first Chloe before Christmas. I'm really impatient, so ordered it for next-day delivery (paying the extra charge, of course). Although the next day was a Saturday, the delivery page said nothing about 'next day' only being valid for week days. Anyway, the bag never arrived on the Saturday. I ended up making a 40-mile round trip to collect it from the delivery company's depot on the Monday evening, after they had tried to deliver it that day whilst I was at work. Cue a very miffed customer. :cursing:

    To cut a long story short, after a number of calls to the company concerned to complain (the customer service left a lot to be desired), they gave me a £50 refund on the cost of the bag and refunded my delivery charges.

    Result! :wlae:
  7. who did you order from? Diabro are unreal and i would recommend them to anyone!
  8. Best advice and it's true... and I think there is a law about not charging until the item is despatched. Trust me, I've been in a situation where they charge you and don't send anything until they get new stock in GRRRR - your situation is much better!