Grrrr..... I'm so mad!!!

  1. Okay... I waited all day for the FedEx to deliver my package today. Good thing I didn't wait. Did all my errands. While my dh and I were cooking dinner this evening. I decided to I checked the website and it said FedEx delivered signature not required. :cursing: So I contacted Eluxury they gave me some excuse that it was delivered to the wrong address???:confused1: There's one house per mile in my neighorhood. How can FedEx do a wrong delivery. I'm so angry and Elux right now. I'm so mad.... I want my cles!!!:hysteric:

    Sorry for venting...
  2. Sorry this happened to you... Perhaps eLuxury could refund you or FedEx get back your cles from the wrong house? I hope everything will be fine then :smile:
  3. Wow. I would be angry too.. :cursing:

    Are you going to call eLux tomorrow morning?
  4. John... I called Eluxury and they *clamied* they called FedEx. And that FedEx realized their mistake which is full of malargy! Customer svc told me to call back Monday! I think I'm going to :crybaby:
  5. Thanks, lvgodiva... I'm so :sad:
  6. Sorry to hear your news. Hope it gets sorted out asap.
  7. Sorry to hear this-hope you get your cles soon
  8. That sucks! But yeah, elux's policy is to only require signatures for orders of $500 or more.
  9. I'd be :cursing: too!!! Sorry this happened to you!
  10. Sorry to hear about that...hope your get it back soon..**hug**
  11. What's worst one csr today said it was delivered and the second csr said she doesn't know where it is. They both said "oh well". So does that mean I'm just out $400!:crybaby:
  12. The same thing happened to me a couple of months ago. I ordered the last Groom key chain in blue available on Elux. Fedex delivered the package somewhere else. I got a refund within two days. I was sooo mad. I wanted the key chain not the money. It was the last one they had so I had to accept the refund. :cursing:
  13. Let's hope they refund me even!
  14. what a load of crap!
    you certainly do not have to just accept you are out of $400! it was not sig req, it was not even delivered to you addy and if worse comes to worse, you can cc chargeback!
    good luck, keep your cool and keep on them.
  15. photoobsessive... Thanks for the vote of confidence. I just received a cryptic email regarding a shipping refund? I just want to know if they did indeed take it back to the Fedex warehouse.