GRRRR!! I remember now why i don't use my mp3 player...

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  1. :censor: i remember now why my no name mp3 player has been sitting in a drawer since my mexico vacation almost a year ago!!! not only does the software freeze every three songs when you try to load stuff on (ultimately crashing my computer complete with windows blue screen of death!!), but once it's all FINALLY loaded (ie i get sick of rebooting) half the songs don't play!!! :mad:

    THIS is why i want an IPOD so badly...i remember now. hubby has been talking me out of one for almost six months because i don't use the mp3 player i have...THIS IS WHY!!! once again, you get what you pay for....i'm not listening to hubby anymore!!! cheaper is NOT the same!!!

    thanks for letting me vent ladies. :flowers: i'm very frustrated and there's no one here to talk to. :hrmm:
  2. I just got a new motorola cell phone which has a MP3 player feature - now I'm wondering if that will be okay to use.
  3. my friends haven't had problems with their cell mp3 players...but you can load the songs directly to them from the mobile web and skip the computer part all together.

    i'm sure it will be fine. :smile:

    i think my problems have more to do with trying to use this particular software with windows XP. i don't think they like each other...