GRRRR!! I hate low "offers"

  1. Someone offered to buy my Papillon 19 (used for about a month, patina hasn't even set yet) for $50 OMG!! I'm SOOOO insulted!!! Just ranting...

    Anyone else ever feel that way?
  2. thats horroable lets say they left out a number or 2 ;)
  3. Makes me mad how I'm getting so many low offers, the other one was like $100. I'm not selling a fake bag and fake bags run up to lik $150. Crazy.
  4. It just shows you that they are not even serious about the purchase. Anyone who makes that silly of an offer is expecting a fake.
  5. Oh, I totally hate it - sometimes I'd reply in BOLD that it's an AUTHENTIC bag sorry but yep,know what u mean !
  6. Not surprised at all. I have experience this countless times :rant:
  7. yea. it's too common these days. sad really.

  8. Yes, they probably don't know, so they just assume it's a fake, as the vast majority are. Or.....could it possibly be, that they're trying to test you, to see if you sell fakes, or not?! :idea:
  9. some fake sellers have the nerve to refuse such low offers.. and insist theirs is authentic/etc. sad.:shocked: :mad:
  10. Did you list on eBay? How insulting! Obviously looking for a fake! Good luck selling it for a decent price!
  11. that's insulting!:rant:

    the nerve that some people have!! :mad:
  12. Is it on eBay? No one expects a LV to be real on eBay. That's a cheapskate offer for a fake!!! :mad:
  13. Sorry about this katie. Maybe it was some teenager who really doesn't know anything about the brand. I definately understand your fustration though.
  14. As long as it's still in the 3 digits I'm still eh... when it's down to 2 it just makes me want to scream. Especially cause I paid retail =( Who knew it was so hard to sell a Papillon 19?

    Also, is that Joey in your avatar?
  15. I never get offended, I just laugh and decline.
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