Grrrr! I am just so annoyed right now.

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  1. I just got my package from Balenciaga and instead of a vert gazon toilet case, I was sent a makeup clutch. I had asked her if it was the square one, just to clarify, and she had said yes. Now I am really peeved because I used some of my credit for the aqua part time that I had sent back. After ordering the toilet case, I placed an order for a sandstone city and made up the difference with another credit card charge. Im just mad because if she had known what I was talking about and said they didn't have any I wouldn't have another $500 credit there (which I really don't want).

    And, I passed up a really cute french blue toilet case on eBay because I thought I had a vert gazon one on the way to me. :sad:

    Has anyone seen a vert gazon or french blue toilet case anywhere? I really want one.
  2. I hate to hear when that would think they would hire people that are educated in the designer they deal with. The SA's in the Houston NM don't know that much either. I can't wait to see your Sandstone City though!
  3. I would think since it was their error they would refund the money, call and explain and I'm sure they will. That sucks though
  4. sorry girl. *hugs*
  5. I'm sorry too. I agree that, since it is the store's error, they should fully refund your purchase plus shipping or send out the correct item right away.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that happen to you.
    I also experienced wrong items, but mine was only about tassles. I told SA that I need Red 2006 Rouge VIF or Fire Engine, and then she sent me the Grenat (Oxblood) one with a super slow shipping.
  7. I am so sorry this happened to you. I am so afraid to order anything over the phone because of stuff like this. Hopefully they will refund the money because it was their fault.
  8. They should absolutely be refunding you YOUR money being that it is their fault, not yours. If they would have sent you the correct item in the VERY limited color that you requested, you wouldn't have this problem. You should not be stuck with a credit. Good luck!
  9. When I helped purchasing Aqua City from BalNY for my friend who lives overseas , I asked about possibility of buying extra pair of Aqua tassles, they said they didn't have them at the moment. They asked me to call back in about 2 weeks. At that time I did not say send me one pair once they have it. But 2 weeks later, I found a BalNY charge of $5.95 on my CC statement. When I was wondering about it and wanted to call back, the Aqua tassles arrived. How weird is that? Should I say their Customer Service was too good or ???? :confused1:
  10. And YES They should refund you YOUR money
  11. That really sucks...I agree you should get a refund since you were very clear and it was their mistake.
  12. :yes: Definitely!
  13. make demands!! you are the customer after all and you're entitled to ask them to reverse the charges, since it was their mistake.

    or maybe you'll find you like the clutch? they really are gorgeous, esp. in that any rate it can always go on eBay...good luck!
  14. Gal...sorry to hear your bad experience with the SA due to the miscommunication...that shows she is very incompetent....i can understand esp u wanted something but ended up getting a different one....which is really frustrating and disappointing...but i can't wait for your new sandstone city....pls post ur pics once u rec'd it.....
  15. sh*t! im so sorry!

    you'll get ur $$ back though...

    and all of us PFers will keep our eyes out for a vg toliet case for you