Grrreat New Girls!!!!!

  1. So ya'lls know how i found a new love for my caramel 05 day when I listed it on e-bay? well it didn't selll!!!!:yahoo: I don't think I've ever been so happy. I realized how beautiful and practical she is. Call me crazy but now I am so proud to own her that I am going to start using her at school. Or is that a bit too much?? hehehhe!!!!!
  2. :lol: Yay!!!! So great to see you so happy about a bag that didn't sell......
  3. Happy that you did fall back in love with it. I saw your bag and think it's really nice but I just got a camel city.
  4. That is GREAT news girl!!!!!!!!!
  5. goodie goodie...good for u :smile:
  6. Hooray for second-round love! Enjoy!