1. I put my name down for the Azur Damier Speedy 25 about 3 weeks ago. So tonight LV called and she says she has one in and that I had to pick it up that night. I was at work and I had to work late until 7:00 so I asked her could she hold it for me. She said she could only hold it if I put it on a NM card. Well I don't have one and I always just pay with cash or check there. I was so frustrated. So I probably lost my purse because of timing.
  2. oh, i hope not! keep us posted....
  3. Oh, no! Hope you can still get it. Hopefully nobody else could make it down there tonight either and you'll snatch it up tomorrow! crossing fingers for you.
  4. Oh no.:confused1: If you specially order for it, should it be hold especially for you? Please keep us posted.
  5. oh no! i hope you can still get it!
  6. that;s bullcrap. i have never heard that before!
  7. lv's always hold for 2 days!
  8. ugh! iwould totally hate that!!!! I hope you get your purse!
  9. ITA with photoobsessive...jeeze.
  10. She said she would call tommorow if it was still available. She said she couldn't hold it because it was so limited.
  11. That is odd, usually they can hold for 2 or 3 days without cc.

  12. she should AT LEAST give you time to get there!
  13. What an awful SA. I really hope you get your Azur Speedy!
  14. i totally agree with this. what is that? if you don't come now and put it on a NM card we will do something to it? what is this..... the LV mafia?!

    could you have put it on hold w/ another major CC, not solely a NM store one?

    I hope you get it, good luck :flowers::heart:
  15. Well it's a LV inside NM so they only accept AE or Neimans charge and I don't have either. I think I am going to start dealing with the actual store that's located across the street because when I called for the Pomme Cles and it was the last one the SA held it for 24 hours although I didn't need that long.
    I was telling my boyfriend and I think we are just going to let this one go. There will be more.