grrr why don't american company's ship overseas??? can't get ugg's anywhere


paper or plastic?
Jun 4, 2006
Thank you! They do but they are out of the classic talls in chestnut. They also don't say how much shipping is

If you tell me what size you would like I will scour the internet for you! :lol: (I have nothing to do, whilst I wait for emails about my paddington loafers :P)
Wanted to add, there seem to be many pairs on ebay, are you willing to purchase from there?


Dec 2, 2006
<< well they had them at victoria secrets but they are sold out. 99% of american companys don't ship to europe whats up with that arrogance? >>

Sabine, I bet it's because of all the scams originating from there, especially eastern Europe. Many people I know have a story of their credit card issuer calling to verify if they're really buying $3,000 worth of furniture in Paris (and no, they're aren't). When I was in Rome last year my card was actually denied at the LV store, as my CC issuer thought a large purchase made all of a sudden in Europe was suspicious (talk about an awkward moment, LOL). Merchants probably figure the hassle isn't worth the extra revenue.


Oct 26, 2006
Most American companies won't ship anywhere overseas, incl. Europe, Australia etc. It's truly painful. I have no idea if it's because of scams. But I do know these companies are losing out on a lot of money from legit international customers.

Sabine, have you thought about opening up a parcel forwarding account with a company like You can ship the Uggs to a US address they provide and then they'll forward them to your address.


Jul 15, 2006
oh how i wish shopthestates hadn't closed down :crybaby: they were much cheaper tham myus are. but umm yeah, all us european scammers eh? i'm sure there are just as many scammers in the US so i really don't think that's the reason :wondering it's not like they couldn't just specify certain countries to ship to, revolve do that. and it's not unusual for credit cards to get declined abroad if it's unusual activity, either if it's a scam, or if you're away and didn't tell your card issuer you were going abroad and it's unusual for you.

shopbop's shipping is ridiculous and they use ups which is a huge pain. i wish revolve had their selection, that'd be amazing :drool:

but i think if you call nordstrom/neiman marcus/bergdorf's/saks or any of the other department stores they will ship abroad, you just can't do it on the website.

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
well they had them at victoria secrets but they are sold out. 99% of american companys don't ship to europe whats up with that arrogance?

It has nothing to do with "American arrogance" but more to do with safe business practices. It is very, very hard for US companies to recoup sales gone bad when they are overseas (missing packages in customs, deliveries to the wrong place and credit card chargebacks). Europe is rarely singled out. Typically it's any overseas country. It works in reverse as well. There are plenty of Euro & Asian businesses that won't ship to the US, etc., for the same reasons.