Grrr! someone copied my text from an ebay auction~

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  1. Grr, someone copied my text from an ebay auction... should i report them? It's not in the item desription, but they just copy and pasted all of my terms, shipping policies, payment, etc..

    If i report them will they know it was me? I don't want them to bid on my auctions and try to get back at me for reporting them.. its just so irritating!!!
  2. Yes report it, on the contact you post your auction so make sure you send them details of an auction which is older than the person who's copied you.

    The person you are reporting won't know it's you
  3. arrgh, i'm so paranoid they'll find out it's me that reported them.. do you know if, when ebay shuts down an auction for something like this, do they usually say why? (like copied text) or will they just close it and say it's for security purposes??
  4. No they'll usually say why, not sure if they put the actual text in there.

    Do what you feel comfortable with, whenever anyone has done it to me I've reported it.
  5. Do not worry; they will pull her auction and give the reason but not the person who reported her. I would report her ASAP!
  6. I would DEF report her! That is so wrong! I wouldn't worry about her knowing it was you or not, but eBay won't tell her. Anyone could have reported it.

    I have a fav. seller and a few weeks back found someone copying her listings word for word, so I reported it for her, then I emailed her and told her to report it as well.
  7. I had the same thing happen this week. This person copied my entire listing, every word. The stupid thing was the purse listed was a different color than the one she was selling and she couldn't even be bothered to change that in the description. Talk about lazy!

    I reported it and the auction was pulled. I don't care if she knows who reported her. She's the thief.
  8. Report them! Happend to me too
  9. it will take a day to see her gone. ebay is good at that, make sure you send them the link.
  10. The exact same thing happened to me but as they only copied the terms and conditions but not the actual item description etc (they were listing a completely different item) I didn't report them.

    I just took it that they thought my terms and payments etc were good and wanted the same on their auctions.

    I have no problem with that as long as they are not copying my item description or anything. I always have the same blurb at the moment on all of my auctions so didn't worry when somebody else put the same.
  11. :Push: Eeek. Now I feel bad. I just started taking pictures of clothes that I intend to sell, and my BF and I did a quick perusal of other seller's shipping terms, etc to get an idea of how to proceed. I copied one seller's return policy and reworded it, but I wasn't trying to be shady- I just thought her terms sounded good.

    I had no idea this was looked down on. Maybe this person was doing the same as I?

  12. The important part is that you reworded it. You made it your own and didn't just copy and paste. It's when people steal others' photos and descriptions that we get mad.
  13. definitely report it! this happens to me on a weekly basis (I write VERY detailed descriptions), there is an option for people to report when others have stolen info as well as if you report it so the bad seller will never know who reported them. DO IT! don't let them get away with stealing your hard work
  14. Looking for ideas of T&C's is absolutely fine, copying and pasting is not. Don't worry you did nothing wrong
  15. I agree, report it!

    I actually created my TOA in photoshop and use that which is also watermarked.