Grrr so angry with Anthropologie...anything I can do??

  1. So I ordered a beautiful dress from anthropologie Sunday morning (it was on sale and the site listed that it was the only one left in my size - yay!) I received a confirmation email immediately which said that it would ship by Tuesday, and that I would receive another confirmation email at that time telling me that it shipped. Well, I never received one, so I called their costumer service line today to make sure that it had been shipped. What did they tell me after 20 minutes of going back and forth? That they had cancelled my order and that they no longer had the dress in my size! When I asked why it had been cancelled, they said that they had had "problems" with the shipping address before and that they no longer shipped to it. Now, I have *never* purchased anything from anthropologie online, so I was confused. I explained that the first part of the address was for a student mailroom (I go to Bucknell), and that the number after it corresponded to the individual mailbox. The woman simply said that they had had a problem with the mailroom, and no longer shipped there. When I asked why anthropologie never notified me to give me the option of having it shipped to a different address, she simply said she didn't know. She apologized and hung up, but I was still really mad that my dress had basically been "resold" without them even contacting me, and so I decided to call back to speak to a superviser.

    The supervisor basically told me that I hadn't actually "bought" the dress since my account was never charged, and so I had no claim to it. When I expressed that I was frustrated by anthropologie's failure to at least notify me of my cancelled order, she said that it was a "fraud" case, and that in these cases the email address that the buyer gives is typically fraudulent as well. This means that anthropologie basically didn't want to waste their time notifying me, because they didn't think it was a real address anyway...mine ends in!!! She told me there was nothing to be done and that was all she could do. I have a serious problem with the fact that not only was I treated as a noncustomer (I never *bought* the dress), but the fact that anthropologie felt it wasn't even worth contacting me about cancelling my order! I needed this dress for an event next week, and I would have been waiting for it to come, and it never would! Is there anything else I can do, or is it a lost cause?
  2. Don't think you can sue for breach of contract. The display of the dress on the website was an invitation to treat, and you "offered" to pay the price. However, because there was no "acceptance" (which, in your case, should have been the e-mail from them), a contract was not made, and therefore, a non-contract cannot be breached. Sorry for your huge headache with this! Hope this helps.
  3. I don't think there is anything that can be done. It's just really unfortunate and horrible that they did not contact you to tell you.
  4. There's nothing you can do really. I usually have everything ship to my campus mailbox also because it's safer than my apartment. Most of the time, these companies aren't familiar with school mailbox so they refuse to ship there. I had the same situation before with Saks. I got really frustrated so I had them ship it to the store and went to pick it up instead.
  5. sorry for your trouble... this kind of thing is so annoying because you are excited and waiting, and it doesn't happen....

    I honestly think that there is nothing you can do. the dress is sold, so I reckon take your business elsewhere. I am sure there are other places that have nice clothes. good luck!
  6. Have them ship to your place of work in the future?
  7. I would def. write a letter...what they did was unacceptable IMHO.
  8. nothing you can do. They listed something on their site and you " purchased" it, you were never really charged, your CC was just authorized for the payment..they basically invited you to purchase it and it was up to them to fulfill that request. I think they have the power and should have the power to deny sending items to certain places. Neiman Marcus does the same thing, if they have a problem with a paticular address, they dont ship or stop the package. I think you should get the sku # and call a store in your area and see if they have it. Sorry for the inconvinence!
  9. Sorry about the's a bummer. I agree with Cisforcoco though. You should definitely call and see if they can do a store search. They tend to be pretty helpful in trying to find items at other stores. Good luck with your search but other than that I don't think there's anything else you can do.
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies. I actually called corporate headquarters and told them what had happened, and the woman I spoke to was really nice and helpful. She told me that what had happened was that they had had a problem with someone else from Bucknell who made a fraudulant purchase, and so they mistakenly blocked shipment to all of Bucknell's campus! She told me that the representatives I spoke to before had been confused and didn't understand that 701 Moore Ave wasn't a specific address, but a mailroom, so apparently they've worked it out and I'm not permanently banned from buying anthropologie online!

    Long story short, she actually found the dress for me in Chicago, waved the shipping charges, and sent me a $40 coupon for the inconvenience! I'm definitely writing a letter though, to let anthropologie know what an incredible employee they have!
  11. Did you take down the supervisor's name? I'd definitely write the company a letter -- even if what they did is legally "correct," the way they treated you on the phone was uncalled for.
  12. Ugh, I know how frustrating things like that can be! I'm so glad that you eventually got it resolved AND get your dress!
  13. Well, I'm glad that you were able to talk to someone else and to get what you wanted! That's good news! :yes:
  14. Good to hear of great customer service! And am glad that you managed to get the dress eventually :smile:

    Just my opinion, but I prolly won't shop at a place if they treated me the way they did you. :p
  15. :woohoo: that's what i call great customer service
    they apologized and acknowledged their mistake