Grrr... seller reneges on purse sale

  1. Ok, I know this is no biggie as far as eBay problems go, but it is SOOOO irritating! I purchased this bag a week ago, but when I checked my eBay, it said I still needed to pay. I knew I paid, so I went to my Paypal account and what do you know... the seller refunded my payment, with one line that said "home theft." I'm sorry, but I just don't believe her--this is her first eBay sale, and I did win it for an awesome price:

    Any advice? Leaving bad fb probably won't do much good, since she could just sign up for a new account. I'm also annoyed that she never sent me an email... if someone legitimately stole the bad, surely she would have emailed me about it!

  2. That is annoying. I am sure she is a novice and thought the bag would go for much more and now does not want to sell it to you. Watch, she will relist it soon. Are you going to leave feedback?
  3. I thought the same, and was going to wait and see if she relisted it.
  4. i am sure she just wants more money for it, she will re-list in a few weeks. this same thing happened to me.
  5. I am so sorry...
    You can now leave feedback and comment on communication etc...there is a star rating system and the seller doesn't see who left what. You could write that transaction didn't happen and money was refunded then just give her low rating with the star system as far as communication etc...
  6. That sounds suspicious.... I wish sellers would learn to use minimum listing prices instead of getting a price they won't accept and then making someone lose out.
  7. A similar thing happened to me. I was suspicious of a seller charging sales tax on an item, and she wouldn't prove that she was eligible to do so. She said I was "too much trouble" for her and she refunded my money prior to sending the item. After that she relisted the item and sold it for more. She's probably blocked me from all her auctions from now on! I just let it go, she wasn't worth my effort.
  8. i would wait to leave feedback. if she relists it, then leave the feedbak about 12 hours before it ends. JMO
  9. It happened to me too. =( There's really nothing you can do about it except leave negative feedback. =(
  10. I had the same thing happened with a Coach Pill Box. I won it for .99 cents. I paid via paypal and the next day had a refund although I had no explanation. I ended up leaving neutral feedback then she left me retalitory NEGATIVE. Infuriated me.......she ended up withdrawing it after I pitched a fit and threatened to report her to ebay for not following through.