GRRR>.. "NEW" laptop cooling mat is grossly used!!

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  1. My SO is on vacation and im babsitting his laptop and the cooling mat stopped working. :wtf: Yes, uh oh... so I purchased the exact same one on eBay from a seller with good feedback and who'm is selling more than one. He sells a lot of computer items. I though ok. no big deal I paid $20 for the NEW one he listed (he has more than one listed, alll are listed as new). I got it today and it is SOOO used its gross. It looks much much worse than my SO's which is over a year old and used constantly. the two plates with the fan in between arent even closed all the way, its not secured well. :cursing: His policy on returns is 60 days exchange only and 15% restocking. Yes, its only $20 (He charged me $11 for the item ant $10 shipping!!) so im lucky that its not a $500 bag but it sucks!!! I dont think i shoudl pay return shipping AND 15% restocking AND i dont want to exchange because his other ones are probably used. I wrote him a nice friendly email telling him of this situtation. What should I settle for? Or whats a good agreement to come to? Ideally, I'd like a full refund and not have to pay for return shipping but I doubt he will agree to those terms. Gosh, he may even not agree to refund the $10 he spent shipping it. =T
  2. oh I see! From the title I thoguht you mean someone had used it for something gross & I was really interested to see what that was! :biggrin:

    Well, if its not significantly as described you're entitled to a refund I think. See if he'll agree to refund full ignore the restock (sooooo not your fault he sent used goods as new) fee & if not, report him to paypal & eBay.
  3. Definitely file a SNAD report with eBay (significantly not as described) and see what they do for you.
  4. I think you should file a complaint with Paypal and see what they say.

    Otherwise, I think you should just throw it out and consider it a lesson learnt. Sorry. Even if the dodgy seller agrees to a refund, he won't refund p&h and it'll cost your more money to send it back. You're like to get a few bucks back. Not worth it. Give him a big fat negative!

    See what Paypal has to say first. Hopefully (don't hold your breadth) they will sort it out for you.
  5. just file complaint with ebay and paypal...
  6. UPDATE: So last week he messaged me (i think its a store) and they apologized and said they will refund return shipping and send me a new one. It cost me $8 to send it with sig confirmation and they recived it on the 20th so 2 days ago. (I included a detailed letter to give info to make things as simple and organized as possible for them).I emailed him yesterday no reply yet, today again no reply. Is it too quick to jump the bullet and escalate to a claim? GR... don't know what to do! I want to avoid trouble if possible. I just want him to refund my shipping and send me a new item!! I think hed be getting off pretty easy already!
  7. E-mail him saying you are going to leave him neg. FB and escalate this to a claim, see how fast he gets back to you then. One feedback that says item described as new was VERY used will make people think twice.