grrr My Juicy Couture Bag that came in the mail... ?

  1. I got my juicy couture city girl hobo in the mail last wed and the flowers on front were fraying, and now the one i got today is doing the same. :sad: Though i found a purse on, 2 dollars cheaper and bigger, and the bag is even worth more not on sale. Just wondering if i should send this back for the 2nd time and getting my money back or going to Nordstroms store(but do they refund you back the shipping?) and buy this one. If I send it back and call them telling me i am sending it back how long does it take them to refund you? OR should i just keep it?

    Pictures are too big for the new one.... so heres the links to them(this is the original one)
    Pic 1
    Pic 2
    Pic 3

    hers the pic of the new bag i found...

  2. personally, i think the 1st one is cutter, but if 2 bags have had the same problem, id say its not worth keeping. go for option #2
  3. thats the thing too, i think the first one is cuter too :sad:
  4. Would anyone keep it after seeing the pic of the flower?
  5. Not really digging the flower but I love the purse. I would take it off if possible, but was that one of the reasons you bought it?
  6. the flowers cant come off.. I thought it was cute, pink, and affordable. The flowers would be ok if they werent fraying?
  7. Oh, I like the second one much better! Velvet's not my style.
  8. It kinda looks like that's how the flowers are supposed to be? Especially since it was the same on 2 bags. If it bugs you send it back and get a different style.
  9. If two bags were like that I wouldn't take a chance on another one. I'd get the second....or if the second is not really want you want, don't buy it as a consolation to yourself. Just wait for another bag.
  10. this might be dumb, but are the flowers supposed to be fraying? can you call juicy themselves & ask them if it is supposed to be like that? i think the first bag is reeeally cute, and that the fraying might give it a worn, edgy look that contrasts with the girly pink color. i can't tell really though, you probably have to see it in person ~ otherwise, maybe just refund them & find a different bag. a few ppl on the site have expressed having issues w/ juicy couture bags; i dont know if the quality is poorer than we would expect from juicy or what. good luck!!!
  11. Assuming you bought the first one online from Norstrom, you can return it to a store and get your refund right away. I don't think they will refund you shipping. You can also send it back but of course that will take longer and you may have to pay for shipping to send it back.

    I don't think price should factor into your decision. It sounds like the flower is supposed to be frayed, but if you dont like that then I wouldn't settle for the other style, since it doesn't sound like you like it as much. You'll find something else that you love 100%.