Grrr-Louis Vuitton Website

  1. Just want to have a rant. I orderred some pieces from the LV website on Sunday, and they have only just been dispatched! Two days later they are still in France and aren't meant to be delivered untill Thursday :crybaby:I'm such a little kid and have no patience! I thought it would be here tomorrow (maybe even today) and don't think I can wait a whole 'nother day!

    God i'm such a brat, he he. Can anyone ease my pain?
  2. Aw, thats a shame. Just try and put it out of your mind - worrying won't make it get there any quicker. :yes:
  3. I odered from them yesterday and it's arriving from Memphis on Thursday. Same as everything I ever ordered from elux. Three days isn't bad. Four or five days from France doesn't seem bad at all!!
    Good luck on getting your goodies tomorrow!!
  4. im surprised at that. iv ordered loads from the Lv site and theyv all come in 2 or 3 days. they come nicely packaged which im sure will cheer you up.
  5. aww.. you poor thing.. that's why i hate shopping on the internet, cause i need to WAIT... and waiting is NO FUN.. like i have been waiting for the release of many upcoming bags!! lolx