Grrr...I'm fuming! My ebay bag is a fake!

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  1. I just received my great eBay deal and it isn't so great after all. It is a fake! There is a misspelling in the Coach creed :cursing: I didn't pick up on it and I guess no one else did either (I posted in autheticate thread). Plus I can tell by the feel, the hardware, etc.

    Well, I've contacted the seller who claims that authenticity is guaranteed or 200% refund so we'll see. I don't even need 200% back but I do need a refund. Well, I did pay through paypal so it isn't like I don't have any recourse. I'm hoping the seller will just be good about it though-she has 100% feedback for authentic bags so I thought I was safe. :sad: But if she decides that I have to get a letter of non-authenticity I will ask for 200% refund.

    This is so fake and now I'm so :sad: Please send me good vibes that I get my $$ back!
  2. which bag is it on the authenticate this thread? If I told you it was real, I am so so so sorry!
  3. Post photos of the bag and creed. There have been cases of authentic bags having misspellings in the creeds!
  4. You should report the seller to eBay.
  5. yeah, i tried to find your post in authenticate this but had no luck. which bag was it?
  6. I found your post on the authenticate thread. Only one image is a thumbnail and the one with the creed isn't.

    Geez tho, I would have said it was real by the one image I clicked on. That is one great fake.

    I'm so so so so sorry but go thru the proper channels and get your money back. Please let us know how it goes, ok? This could easily happen to us.
  7. I tried to find your post too? I searched through 30 pages and didn't find it. Can you please post the pics or copy and paste the thread here. Thanks!
  8. was it that suede one?
  9. Page 263, post #3941
  10. Yes it was the suede one :sad: Here's a link:

    Now that I'm looking, it looks like the wristlet may be authentic but not the bag. She sent me a receipt for the wristlet from an outlet. But why would I want one fake and one real? Ugh! I'm shaking right now, I'm so upset. I really hope the seller makes good on this! She can definitely prove that she sent it (to paypal) since I bought shipping insurance but I guess if it ocms down to it I can always do a chargeback through my cc company.

    I am really having a bad day. I just want to cry out of frustration right now.
  11. the suspense. do everything to get your money back!
  12. Well if anyone has 10193 that is the one I'm questioning. The creed says "commiment instead of commitment. :shrugs:
  13. I'm sorry for your situation and can only add that it appears that the factory bullseye is stamped right on the "commiment" spelling. Is it possible that this bag is genuine but has a spelling issue?
    I don't own this bag to help in comparison but I hope this all works out for you!
  14. Now I'm really starting to question it myself. I'm going through the listings on eBay and they all seem to have this misspelling. So either they are all fakes or it is a Coach misspelling. I don't know :shrugs:

    I'm going to feel awful if I sent off an email accusing the seller of selling me a fake bag and it is acutally real, though I tried to be nice in my email.