GRRR... I saw this...CANT DECIDE now lol

  1. I saw this ergo tote and now I can't decide if like the ergo tote pond better what do you guys all think? I am leaning towards the blue tote .. but I think I could dress the black up with hot pink etc IDK grrr




  2. I'm loving pond right now! I think hot pink would look great on the blue as well!
  3. Ooh, I like the Pond!
  4. personally i'm not into the pond, i would get the black.
  5. I like the black pebbled leather, it will go with everything.
  6. hmm.....I don't know which I like better. I love both...but they are so different...I think you need both.:graucho: Seriously though, I dunno. Do you wear a lot of blues? Would the pond go w/ your clothes? Also, do you have a lot of black bags? Think about what you currently have in your collection, then think of which one of these will round it out better. You could always get the black pebbled leather tote and then the pond hobo later...:sweatdrop:

  7. which pink scarf would look cute on it??

  8. I dont have any other black bags .. and I usually only wear jeans so the pond would go well?
  9. Well, I bought this scarf at the outlet today for $29. I think it would look great!


    Here it is on my Ali.


    And then there is the tattersall!



  10. very cute... What is the style # of the first scarf you posted?
  11. Oh yeah. I was just trying to help you you're asking the wrong person...I'd probably buy it if I only ever wore purple. I'm not good at matching:shame: I usually look like a rainbow when I leave the
  12. 98326


  13. lol thanks for helping now I am like which one they are both so cute.. I hardly ever match my bags with my clothes :heart:
  14. me
  15. You're welcome! I love to accessorize my bags!

    Good luck with whatever you choose!