GRRR - I hate FedEx!

  1. Beware - FedEx rant below....

    I have always hated to have things shipped to me by FedEx because they either took FOR-EV-ER to get here or the delivery man would just leave it outside. I have never had any shipping issues with USPS.

    Now I discover that they not deliver on Saturdays unless you purchase the priority overnight shipping with an additional Saturday delivery upcharge of $12.50? What the .....????? :cursing: My new Ali and matching wrislet in black were shipped out on the 8th via their 2 Day service and right now they are just sitting there at the FedEx facility until Monday because the 2 Day service doesn't include delivery on Saturdays.

    See, this is why I prefer USPS. :yes:

    Anyway, thanks for listening ladies.

    .Disclaimer - my hatred for FedEx does not include any TPFers who happen to be employees of the company.:shame:
  2. I had the problem that apparently they tried to deliver a package three times but never left a note so how am I supposed to know that it will be delivered. Then they got mad at me because I scheduled a time to deliver and they didn't come because they are all contracted out drivers and not really with Fedex or something. Wow, it took me over a week to get my package. Sometimes it is just a hassle.
  3. I have the same problem. I have a white leather Ali that my local (over an hour away) store sent me on Friday- overnight. Well, when I track it it is sitting in the "dest sort facility". I should've asked her to make it deliverable on Saturday. She upgraded me to overnight because of the valentine's day shipping upgrade thing. So, instead of having my new (2nd) Ali for the weekend...I have to wait until Monday too. The reason I didn't just go an get it was because I have my 80 year old grandpa from NY staying with us and I am busy all weekend. The tracking says it will be delivered by 1030am on Monday. So, I guess I have to be patient...ARGH!
  4. :s Oh good grief... I had to re-route my package that I ordered yesterday, because I forgot I was going to be out of town next week!! I called Coach today... and she said it wasn't a problem - but I hope FedEx gets it to me!!
  5. I know I need to be patient :crybaby: but its so hard knowing that my babies are just sitting at the desort facility, but won't be delivered until Tuesday according to the tracking info. Why don't they just deliver them early if they are here already instead of just letting them sit on some truck for 2 days.

    Curses to FedEx! :cursing: