Grrr...buyer wants a refund because of customs fees!!!

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  1. I cannot take this anymore. I seriously want to get as far away from ebay as possible. I recently sold something to a woman in Singapore, totaling $1200. I only charged her $40 for shipping, and it ended up being $120 - okay, that was my stupid mistake, but I paid $80 out of my pocket. Anyway, she received it today but I just got an email from her saying that she had to pay $90 in customs fees. Honestly, I don't think $90 is all that bad on a $1200 item! Anyway, she said that she does not understand why she had to pay and that she doesn't think she should have to pay so much money for no reason. Now she wants a return because of it! Have people never heard of customs??? But my listing clearly states "all sales are final, no returns". Plus, even if she sent it back, I would have to pay customs fees!!! And I'm really not going to pay another $90...I already took about a $300 loss! Anyway, since she's accepted the package and paid the fee, is there anything I can do? I told her I was very sorry but that I do not accept returns and that I cannot control customs fees. Has anyone else had this problem? What happened???

    Thanks for letting me rant. :hysteric:
  2. there is nothing she can do beside leaving you NF. paypal and ebay wont side w her. customs are her resposibility.
  3. If its like it is in England ,as long as she marks it as a return you won't get done for customs tax .
  4. I state in my auctions "You will be charged a fee at customs and this is not my responsibility. Please be aware of what these charges are before purchasing" Because there is No way Im going to pay for those. I dont think you should have to either
  5. This is why I only ship within the US...saves you lots of headaches.
  6. Thats just so silly. As said the worse she can do is leave you negative feedback
  7. A friend of mine got the same issue,her buyer wanted a refund because of custom fees :rolleyes:
    Actually,they are buyer's responsability,plus it's not up to seller to inform buyers about custom fees...everyone should know her/his own country's importation rules before purchasing...:cursing: So,i'd politely explain this to the buyer and refunds,no returns because of custom issues! And there's nothing she can do about it!!:flowers:
  8. That is a brilliant idea. But from now on, I'm not taking international bidders. I've just had too many problems and it has caused way too much stress.

    I sent her a quotation of ebay's policy stating that buyers are responsible for customs fees, and she said alright and that she would leave it alone. So I'm crossing my fingers....:hrmm:

    thanks everyone for your responses!
  9. Yes I hope she doesnt neg you, good luck!
  10. And yet another reason a seller should not leave fb first......

    I am glad she has decided to keep the bag. I hope now she doesn't neg you.
  11. Another reason when may comes its going to Suck! Because for little things like this unless we bend over backwords we'll get a neg because theres nothing we can do about iT!
  12. ^ so true! I'm hoping though that she won't neg me because she only has 11 maybe she'll fear that if she negs me, I'll do it back....
  13. actually, when May comes, I'm pretty sure I'm going to give up selling on ebay!!!:cursing:
  14. omg...that woman is having buyers remorse...that what i think:yes:
  15. Great that she decided to keep it!!! When the new FB rules apply, I'm sooooooo through with selling on ebay. :sad: