GRRR! bought a fake dress on ebay...

  1. i emailed the seller (it was obviously fake the second i reached in the package to take it out) and she's happy to take it back and refund my money (auction price + shipping). of course she wants the dress back...

    do i simply send it back before getting my refund? what if i send it back and she doesn't refund me?
  2. Don't send anything back until you file not as described with eBay to protect yourself.

    You may not have to send it back. If you do have to send it back, send it with signature confirmation required so she can't lie and say she didn't receive it.
  3. i don't even know how to do that...

    i'm so pissed. the dress is CLEARLY not the dress in the auction! wtf was she thinking?! i'm an idiot? it isn't a ton of money, but it makes me sick that people do this.

    is it completely NOT OK to send the dress back w/ signed delivery confirmation, and then get the refund?
  4. File a claim immediately with eBay and report it not as described. Escalate it to a claim right away too. (you will see it in the claim process on how to do that). Do not send her anything until Paypal instructs you to and make sure you get signature confirmation and insurance. she could say she didnt sign for it and at least you could file a claim with the post office as well if that happens.
  5. You're leaving yourself open for never getting your money back if you send it back to her. If you don't have the item in hand, you won't be able to prove that it is fake. Please don't send it back unless eBay/PP tells you to do so.
  6. I wouldnt even use Signature Confirm for this one. My mailman left a package for me with SC and he didnt have me sign for it.

    If you want to be sure to get your $ back use UPS or Fedex ground so you can track the package. You cant track with SC.

    Also a friend of mine was told by a seller to send her fake item back too and then the crazy seller would not sign for it. The package then went back to her post office, and was returned to seller. Shady sellers know how to scam the system.