Grrr!!! Azur Speedy 30 from MADE IN THE USA!

  1. So after a hectic time of it trying to get a Azur Speedy 30, I finally was able to order one off of The one that came to me was dated SD0027, and has a "Made in the U.S.A." stamped on the exterior vachetta tab...Argh...

    If I'm paying full price for the thing, it just doesn't seem right that I don't have that "Made in France" stamp.

    What do you think? I've waited so long for it, but am leaning towards returning it and just buying it when it is more readily available so that I can choose one with the "Made in France" stamp.

    I don't know, I'm an LV purist, so do you think I'm being too particular??? :s
  2. I've been noticing that alot of stuff from Elux has "made in USA". Everytime I go to the store though, I get made in France. It's just because they are producing more in the US because of the demand. It doesn't affect the quality or anything to do with making the bag. I don't mind where it's made really as long as I love it!
  3. What's the difference? As long as it's authentic....who cares. You make it sound pretty bad that something is made in the U.S.--it's not going to change the quality.
  4. yeah I don't have a problem with it, quality is no different. I think my azur speedy says made in france but I got it from the boutique. If it really bothers you I guess you can try to exchange it.
  5. So strange because EVERYTHING I've bought from ELUX has been made in France......well except for Pomme cles which was spain I think......but all the bags France:yes:
  6. I agree with tr444 and qtpie4u34.
    I really don't care if it's made in USA or France, it's the same..
  7. Oops! I just mean bags. Not accessories, mine have been made in Spain/France too. But the bags I've gotten from Elux have all been made in USA.
  8. ITA.
  9. My concern about the Made in the USA is not meant to challenge the quality of anything made here...I KNOW that the quality is equal & great.

    It's only that I'm one of those LV purists that have bought many pieces in the past, and have gotten use to the stamp Made in France. This is the first piece I've bought that has been made in the USA.

    Quality has nothing to do with it with my concern. I wouldn't be an LV fan if I had a complaint about the quality.

    What I'm saying is, that with most luxury items, you're paying for the story & romance behind a brand. I just think Made in France is more romantic! :love:

    Plus, the brand originated there right? So in a way, it's more true & authentic to me & to the brand to have the Made in France stamp there.

    That's just my opinion.

    Anybody else feeling what I'm saying???
  10. MY SA in Seattle said that on the Speedy Azur, the ones that he has seen so far, 25's are made in France and 30's made in the USA.
  11. Yeah, I like my LV's made in France too.
  12. Hi Tiffany!! I'm so glad you received your Speedy. It shouldn't bother you it was made in USA but if it really bothers you, then return it. The thing is that it might be a while until we see more Azur Speedies made in France. :smile:
  13. I got my Azur Speedy 30 back in Nov and Stephen from Elux and they are both made in France, the only two pieces it's made in Spain are my two koala agendas, but it shouldn't matter b/c the quailty should be the same. Enjoy ur speedy!
  14. I recieved my Azur Speedy 30 from elux a few days ago also. It too, was Made in USA and w/ the same date code 2/07.

    I also hope for Made in France bags. If I go to the boutique and the SA gives me one that says Spain, USA...I don't ask her to get me another bag. But if I get one that says France...Well, LOL tis a lil bonus! Although I have France, USA, and Spain. Lately the bags I've required have been France. My ML I bought from Elux back in Dec. was Made in France, :nuts: then also my Epi Speedy (which was sent from another LV boutique).

    When I recieved my new Azur Speedy and it said USA....I was a lil sad...Was hoping for France. But....Since I've been waiting since before Dec. for one...It didn't bother me so much as to wait longer. Plus I ck'd the bag all over, it's in PERFECT condition! No imperfections! :yahoo: And since I've recently gotten so many France items lately...I was like...Who cares. Ya, I would've liked it to say France...But oh well...I have other USA things, Spain, etc. and I love them! :love:

    Maybe it's cuz it's a Speedy...LOL I just adore the style so much and the Azur was USA was a minor thing for me to not keep it. I already took "her" out...So nice out in the sun! Pretty!! :love:

    Good Luck on your decision!
  15. I guess its your personal preference! :biggrin: