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  1. i felt the need to pick up some stupid mag before i left work today, so i grabbed a US Weekly, just for fun. hey, ricki lake has lost SO much weight and is all skinny now, i got interested... whatev. so gayman was thumbing through a few minutes ago and a "spy" caught my eye. i wanted to puke.

    WHY do they advertise REPLICA's in a freakin MAGAZINE. i hate that. wtf. :wtf: not cute. we all know they exsist, but i don't like it shoved in my face. yucko!


    it had a link to a website and a 1800 number. ugh.
  2. It's tacky I know but look at the bright least they're not trying to pass them off as authentic.
  3. they always have those ads in the back of every single issue.. and I agree, at least they don't try to make it seem like they're authentic.
  4. true. still sucky.
  5. There are LOTS of magazine that do a "Lust and Must" section, or list "deals" on look-alikes. I realize that this is womewhat different in that it is an actual ad, but it is the same principle. Not everyone can afford (or wants to afford) a high-end bag, but they want the look. Even JC Penny had Spy-looking bags!

    They don't carry the Fendi name. I realize that it is probably too close for many people's comfort (and I wouldn't buy one myself), but it isn't illegal.
  6. i still hate it it gives me the heeby geebies! it's still stealing the design. thats gross. *sigh*
  7. it's a matter of personal taste. I for one, don't care for replicas, but there are many other people who can't afford the "real deal" and choose a LEGALLY made, replica handbag instead. There's nothing wrong with that. The fendi name is no where to be found, and it doesn't even refer to the bag as a "Spy Bag" (it says GET THE LOOK OF.....), so I don't see anything wrong with the add.
  8. if i was the person that designed the Fendi spy i'd be unhappy with the fact that someone else was making money off of my design. :shrugs:
  9. But bags, like clothing, have limited options for design. Honestly, while the Spy is more distinct, there are only so many versions of a tote one can make. You will often see very similar bags from designer to designer, too. Is THAT stealing, when one design was obviously inspired by another (Marc Jacobs designs for his own label vs his designs for LV are an issue for some)?

    And if that can be tolerated, then why not less expensive brands being clearly inspired by another bag as well? Again, I'm not advocating fraudulent use of a designer's name, but many bags are kind of like dresses - there are only so many variations on a neckline or a hem that one can conceivably do!
  10. it's true and i do understand what you're saying. i agree to some point but i think the "Spy" thing just bothers me because someone who didn't know better could totally be duped on Ebay trying to buy the real thing. if i didn't have this place and i was a buyer i'd have no idea. i don't own fendi so i'd have nothing to go by. i guess i over analyze the whole situation but there are more aspects of it i dislike then i like. i REALLY want a spy, it's like my DREAM bag, maybe that's why it strikes a chord.

    they do a NICE job "replicating"
  11. Hey, just got an idea for a new thread...C'mon it'll be fun I promise, (unless it's been done before). IMO, these fakers have very little creativity hence faker...They blatantly copy the design so I say let's name their bags for 'em!
  12. ew!
  13. Good point!
  14. i know that the Spy is not the only bag that has been replicated, hence i've seen chloe's n stuff too heh. name away!
  15. Vicious, I would be ticked if I designed something and someone duplicated it also, I didn't want to "hijack" your thread so I started a new one and I was "inspired" by yours. (pun) Just trying to get you to chuckle...please post on "Name that fake" thread, can't wait to see you there!