Grr Selling on eBay sucks sometimes...

  1. For every 100 things I sell online there's always one that turns into a problem.

    So I sold a Coach Ali bag. The ending price was 330, lots less then what I paid but I needed the money for wedding stuff. The winner was some woman named Monica and she had VERY few eBay comments, 2 of which as I recall were negative. I decided to trust her tho I shouldn't have.

    It took her 2 days to even reply to my invoices and another 2 days to send payment. She sent a Paypal echeck which takes a few more days to go thru. Annnyways I mailed out the bag on April 4th for her, insurance, delivery confirmation and all that. I kept her fully updated on everything with no feedack from her or replies of any kind.

    I get an email 7 days later from Paypal that she'd opened a dispute, holding money in my bank account because she thought it was taking too long. I guess my 135 positive feedback and delivery confirmation tracking number wasn't enough for her and she started saying I probably didn't send it. I had to explain to her AGAIN that I didn't mail the damn bag the day the auction ended because I had to wait for payment THEN for the check to clear. I think I was talking to a brick wall at that point as she wouldn't listen and kept saying I should have mailed it day one it's been 10 days blablabla. I had to explain AGAIN it wasn't even 10 business days and starting a dispute after 1 week was rediculous! Needless to say the day after she got her damn bag and got rid of the dispute. I should be happy but her taking that money out and not trusting the proof I gave her messed up a big wedding weekend for me and my fiance. We kinda needed that money. I don't quite understand how it was my fault because the Post Office was going slow. I sent it Priority with insurance and delivery confirmation and I'm the bad guy? I don't get it.

    Sorry, I had to rant, I hate when I'm treated like an untrustworthy seller. =P
  2. Some people are really stupid and have no common sense! I once sold a pair of boots for $5....yes $5 to a girl who wrote me that she wanted her money back because they "aren't leather at all. They're 100% man made materials. It says so right on the tag!" I wrote her back and told her, "Yeah 100% man made also says so RIGHT ON THE LISTING!" She filed with Square Trade and I actually amused myself with it because I laid into her ignorant butt like a cheap suit!! I did give her her $5 back and told her to keep the boots cuz I had so much fun just barrelling her with insults!
    I don't have a whole lot of patience for stupidity! Ignorace I can deal with but stupidity...............ugh!
  3. :shocked: What the heck is wrong with people?

    :boxing: To her! And a big fat rolly eye too :rolleyes:
  4. HA HA HA HA!!!:roflmfao: Sounds like it was the bent $5 spent just for the entertainment value.:p
  5. You should have made her send them back and then just refunded her $5!
    Some people are just so moronic it's unbelievable.
  6. Unfortunately there is no pleasing some people. You did everything you should have done. Also packages with insurance I have found take an extra day for some reason.
  7. LOL that's awesome and worth even more then 5 bucks! I do freelance commission work on the side and there are people who will pay 700 for a piece of art and just love everything I draw and then there's someone I was being nice to and only charged them 20 and are suddenly kings of the universe and I am now officially their art slave and need to spend all of my free time fixing every tiny little thing in their 20 dollar drawing. Augh some people!
  8. Oh man! These stories make me laugh AND cry - you all handled these things with humor and grace, but the NERVE of some people!! It just drives me CRAZY!! BTW, I send all my stuff insured, but I use, NOT the USPS website or PayPal, and I don't get anything held up - at least not yet. I really love the service, I save on insurance (it's like 25% cheaper than through the USPS), and they give me a monthly summary of all my activity. Check it out!
  9. *sigh* Isn't that the truth...

    Some people are just impossible to please, and 9 times out of 10, its the cheap people (buying something for $3) or someone you went out of your way to give a deal to that comes back to bite you in the A$$... :cursing:

    WHAT is the deal with all kinds of people asking for my bank account number to send me payment through Western Union?? It clearly says PAYPAL only for Int'l payments... and seriously, I'm not just gonna hand out my acct number like a business card?? DO ppl really DO THAT????

    I'm dealing with lady that opened a dispute because out of three pairs of tights (BNWT, NIP) that were all the right size/color she ordered etc mind you - there was one pair that didn't "fit" her daughter the way she wanted them to... I escalated it with Paypal out of principle... After having them for 1 month and THEN contacting me... this lady was nuts if she thought I was just going to roll over and play dead. Geesh.

    BTW... you don't wear underwear with dance tights, so they are NON-RETURNABLE items... Le ick.
  10. I first registered with eBay in June of 1997, so I like to say I've been buying and selling on eBay since ebay was a baby. Unfortunately, I have to also say that I have had more lousy ebay experiences in the last 3 months than in the previous TEN. Ebay has unfortunately become a den of thieves, and it makes me very sad.:sad:

    You used to be able to trust people and weed out the ones who might be shady. Now, it is next to IMPOSSIBLE. I used to help friends and family members set up ebay accounts -- I won't any longer. I don't want to be a part of them getting hurt!
  11. It seems that eBay has gotten a lot worse over the past year or so. This is one of the reasons I no longer sell on there.
  12. I know what you mean and I sympathize with you all!

    It really depends on luck. I haven't sold on eBay for long, but already I've had to deal with a PayPal dispute over something that wasn't even my fault IMO (postal office damaged the package!) and a fake Nigerian buyer!!

    It really amazes me what kind of people are out there! But just to keep ourselves safe, remember to make a record of your every step (take pictures of everything!!) so no one can blame you for doing something wrong!
  13. Yes, Ebay is definitely only something I do when feeling strong and not trying to manage a zillion other things in my life. I learned last year that if I am stressed in other ways, Ebay becomes disproportionately upsetting and time-consuming. If all is ticking along nicely, I can cope with the random lunatics who turn up unannounced in my life and create Ebay chaos!

    Also, when I've had one of 'those' experiences that make me want to cry (as I just have), I take time away from Ebay to regroup. Ridiculous that it has the potential to be so life-diminishing, but as others have said, it is such a lottery that it can be wonderful but ghastly within hours and sometimes I am just not up for those emotional rollercoaster rides!