GRR! My NEW bag is broken!

  1. Three weeks ago today, I received a Coach bag as a birthday gift from a friend. I carried it for exactly 5 days when I noticed that the tassel/zipper pull was coming unstitched. I stopped using it because I didn't want it to fall off and get lost. It took me another week to figure out what I could do about it (thanks to TPF posts for that!). I called the 800# and was told that they will send me a new pull to attach. I asked how I was supposed to attach it since it's sewn on. Apparently they are sending one that clips on. Am I crazy for thinking that I shouldn't have to settle for less than what the bag SHOULD have? She said I'd have to send it in for repair if I wanted that. Oh yeah... and it would cost $20. Now, it's not the $20 I'm concerned with, it's that I've only used it for a week! Is this typical for Coach?
  2. Take it to the store
  3. ^^ I agree you maybe able to exchange it.
  4. Yes, take it to the store. I've had a couple Coach items (accessories, not bags, but still) break after a few weeks and just walked into the store and got an exchange on the spot. They can only exchange like that if you want to get the exact same item. I think otherwise they have to charge you $20 to send it in for repair, and if it can't be repaired they'll give you a credit towards a replacement. That said, if you're very nice to the SA when you tell her your story, there's a chance she'll waive the $20 shipping fee, I've heard of people doing that before.
  5. Agree to take it to the mom noticed some pulls on the fabric of her signature stripe swingpack. she took it to a store (didn't even have her receipt on her). they didn't have one in inventory to give her at the store, so they processed a "return" of her bag and sale of a new one that they shipped overnight. She actually ended up with money back because the sales tax was lower at the store she walked in on to ask about the pulls.
  6. I don't think my friend realized that I could tell, but it's from an outlet, which is the only reason I haven't gone into the store. The closest outlet is 2 hours away (on a good day). We were out there the day after I got it and they didn't carry it in black anymore. So I have little faith I'll be able to get the same bag. Can/will they take it back even though it's broken and been used? And would I have to go to/buy at the outlet? Maybe I'll upgrade to the SoHo I've been torturing myself with for the last month.
  7. I still say walk into the store and ask what to do. The bag was purchased so recently, and Coach stands by all their products, factory store or retail, I really think that the SA can get you some kind of an exchange.
  8. Since its an outlet bag, you have to pay $20 to send it in. I bought a Soho stripe hobo at one last year and the pull came off the week after I got it, and that $20 is what has stopped me from bringing it in. Well now I wish I brought it in because I lost the pull for it and I haven't carried that bag for a year.
  9. Wow I bought a beaded tote from Dillards and a few of the beads cracked, so I called Coach and they said to take it to a local Coach store, and they would ship it for free. I even told her that I didn't buy it from a Coach store, she said no problem... but I haven't done it yet... so now I'm worried! But I guess it should only cost me $20.
  10. depends on the situation.

    twenty bucks isn't that much when you think about it.

    but it can be waived if in such incidents like yours where you've only had it for a week. regardless of whether it's from an outlet or full price, it's still coach.

    it helps if you have your reciept, and explain the situation nicely but be firm in your opinion that you shouldn't have to pay 20 bucks when its practically brand new.

    it can be waived.

    and angfento, i've had a manager who had that beaded tote, the beads fell off, she waived the shipping for herself btw, and they send her a new one! *pissed off face* but yeah. always ask for the bag back when you send it in, unless you aren't super attached to it and you're looking for a new one.
  11. ughh, I was so pissed when my beads came off! I can't believe they are doing beaded totes again, I hope they seriously figured out a new way to attach them because basically every customer i had who got one had to send it in :sad:

  12. I am glad I popped in here. I have a beaded tote too. Haven't had a problem with it yet but will keep on checking it.
  13. We're talking about a zipper pull? It isn't very hard to change those. I've done it a lot of times. If you need help, lemme know
  14. I just recently made a post about my bag breaking. It was 3 months old and used 5 times max. Just to let you know, the people at COACH will tell you it only takes 2-3 weeks to get your bag back and then when 2-3 weeks arrives, they'll tell you it's 6-8 - Oh, and for the first 3 weeks they'll tell you they can't "locate" your bag. :hysteric:
  15. That is a huge generalization, The repair service takes 4-6 weeks top. I'm not sure if you went into a store to do this or through mail but it says right on the repair ticket from the store "4-6 weeks". If you also take it to the store during the week (say tuesday) it's not packaged up to be sent out until sunday night and it is sent on every Monday morning. Bags DO take about 2-3 weeks to be registered in so it is technically not able to be located and if there are problems, I believe the lady you can speak to is Sarah Carr in the repair department and she is wonderful.