Grr! Lost a case, got stood up & lost 2 Bals at half price :-( Pls cheer me up...

  1. Never mind the REALLY bad day I was (am) having. Sooo I decided to hit my favorite Bal boutique today after work to check out the stock. I saw some new nice styles and asked about the older ones. My SA said the older season ones were all 50 percent off!!! :nuts: :yahoo:I couldn't believe it!

    I chose a gorgeous work with great leather (being a Work fan since this week) and an sgh Day, plus a coin purse.

    When I wanted to pay, the cashier (not my SA) said, "Well those are not on sale". :wtf: My SA then called their "mothership" and they also said no sales on Bals. I just left the bags there.:hysteric::cursing: I did manage to still ask about the coin purse :boxing:in my astonishment, and they were so embarrassed that they did give it to me for half off :yes:

    So it wasn't ALL bad but MAN! I'm still thinking about those gorgeous two bags I could have scored today :crybaby:, never mind the lost case and being stood up by a friend I haven't seen in months that I was all pumped to see.
  2. Awwww sweetie, I am sorry!!

    Go have a cosmo in front of the new Coin Purse :drinkup: TGIF!!!
  3. Totally sucky - sorry you had such a bad day! But you got a coin purse at half-off - that's something :okay:
  4. $h!tty fridays are the worst. :crybaby: sorry you missed out on some deals, but you did get a sympathy coin purse! ;)
  5. Aw thank you ladies, I know posting here would make me start to feel better. I'm not into drinks or I'd get sh!tfaced tonight LOL.
  6. Good business honoring the coin purse at least.
    Get Shi%faced! ;)
  7. I would have (mentally) drop-kicked that SA :biguns:I hate when they don't know what they're talking about and mislead us (intentionally or otherwise).

    At least you asked about the CP...

    And not that life is all about bags, but if I had the collection you have (including that tomato day! :ninja:smile: I would just take one look at my collection and instantly feel better!!
  8. ^Thank you sweetie. I know I'm lucky and I will take family pics this weekend too, per request ;) I just got home and I felt like crap anyway. I'll post pics of my coin purse later though :heart:
  9. Yep, sorry about your crummy day. It will get better after the third Cosmo!!
  10. Sorry SOF that happened to you. I could imagine your disappointment. 50%? I would have got couple bags for myself.
    BUT congrats on the coin purse!!! Pictures? Coin purse is always something I want but didn't get a chance to get yet so I am jealoused!!!
  11. What a disappointment!! I would've leaped over the counter if I'd been told Bbags were 50% off (golly, FIFTY??!) :p Sorry it didn't work out. At least you got a cute coin purse, though.
  12. So sorry about your day - ugh! Take your new coin purse out for dessert since you don't drink - sugar is good!! And, remember -it's the weekend now:woohoo:
  13. Seriously ... 50% off would have been amazing. But 50% off a coin purse is still pretty darn great! I love CPs! What color did youget?
  14. I'm really sorry about your bad day. It's really difficult to deal with a downward revision in expectations. It's not even the lack of a sale, it's thinking you were going to get a great deal and then having that yanked away. I hope tomorrow is much better for you.
  15. Doesn't sound all that bad to me!
    Since there wasn't a 50% sale in the first place, you weren't missing out, only gaining (the coin purse)
    but yea your poor expectations :sad: But u know u couldve walked out without the coin bag even!