Grown out brows & need shaping..where to go?? LA/OC

  1. My eyebrows were over-plucked so now they are grown out and almost natural/virgin-looking (:yucky:). I need them shaped..anyone have any recommendations on where to get them threaded or waxed? I'd really like some nice brows because mine take forever to grow!

    I was thinking about going to Billion Dollar Brows since they're well-known, but is it worth it ( cuz I'd be spending about $60 (for shaping and tint)--also, they either wax or threading.

    Anybody have any cheaper alternatives? Maybe $10-30? I'm from the LA area...Anything from LA/OC would be nice :smile: Please let me know! I need help :sad:
  2. If you have a Nordstrom near you, they have Anastasia stations there. They do a really good job.
  3. I'll ask around with my friends for you. I never go out and get my brows done. Honestly, I do a better job IMO. :p
  4. Ziba Beauty Center for sure - they thread and do a great job on brows. They are in multiple locations in LA and in OC they are in Costa Mesa, across from South Coast Plaza. Brows cost $10.
  5. ^ cool!! I'm going to South Coast tomorrow and I've been wanting to get my eyebrows threaded. I heard it's better than waxing!