Growing up too fast!

  1. Hi, I'm pretty now to the Parenting forum so hope this is ok to post. Its about my "baby". Today he is 17! Last night I cried, feeling sooo sad on how fast time went. It seems he was just brought home from the hospital. We had so much fun together, bike riding,playing games, etc. I am very proud of the young man he has become but also feel sad. I guess I'm just very emotional. He would think I'm so silly to be sitting here crying. Has anyone else gone thru this? I know tomorrow I'll be back to normal with birthday over but it seems like such a milestone to me. I do have my daughter to spend time with, she's 10. Next year he goes off to college, boy am I gonna be a mess
  2. It will get better. I have one son living in another city (having graduated from college) and another away at college. I find the hardest part is when they come home and leave -- it rips my heart out every time. But after a few days, I am good again.

    And you have different phases of his life to look forward to -- watching him become a man, etc.
  3. Lorebunde, I know my own mum has struggled with this, particularly since I moved quite far away at a fairly young age. And I'm not sure if this is comforting at all, but when I became a "real" grown up, my relationship with my mother changed, and has become wonderful in a completely different way. We're now more than just mother and daughter, we're friends. I have massive gratitude and appreciation for everything she did for myself and my siblings whilst I was growing up and now have the emotional capacity to show it (as opposed to when I was young and didn't necessarily have the ability to express my love as well). She made so many sacrifices for her family, and it's lovely to be able to give back now. I know she enjoys our relationship and places great value on this time in our lives. I definitely understand why you're sad, but I just wanted to let you know from the other side as the child how much I have enjoyed getting to know my mother as a person, rather than just as a mum. You've got all of that to look forward to!

    Anyway I'm sorry, I've snuck into this forum (being childless and no even close to having children), but I just had to pipe in :p
  4. Thanks guys. I'm ok now. You know how some bdays effect you and others you don't think anything of? Even last year when he turned 16 and was ready to drive didn't really bother me. I know I have a lot to look forward to, seeing him grow up and grandchildren one day. I was thinking today of a coworker who passed away last year at age 40 from cancer. Her son was only 10. I shouldn't really feel sad as at least I'm getting to see him grow up.
    Alwaysinvogue, I hope I have a great relationship with my son & daughter like you have with your mom.
    Lulilu, I guess its always going to be hard when they say goodbye, even if its for a short time!
  5. I know what you mean! My baby is small but already I think time's flying us by!