Growing up or a moment madness?

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  1. Hello ladies,
    Recently I have seen some massive change in my tastes when it comes to bags. I use to love big slouchy soft leather bags like Miu Miu Bow and Charm, Chloe Paddy, Bal etc...
    Several of months ago I purchased Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy in Vanilla which I have worn non stop all summer and since then I started completely re-modelling my collection. I see myself going for completely different style bags lately. I also bought LV vernis Alma a few weeks ago and since then I have been completely obsessed with this bag.
    I now look at structured shapes of bags in materials that I easy to maintain, like vernis and epi. Also got my eyes on Madras / saffiano leathers from Miu Miu/Prada.
    I would never even consider these bags few years back....I mean turning 30 am I getting old and practical or something? :P Or is it just a moment madness and will I regret selling off some of my treasured beauties? Has anyone had this experience too?
  2. I think we all go through different phases, I don't think it has anything to do with age though as it's my mother that currently likes soft hobos in brighter colours and I am the one carrying hand-held structured bags :-0.

    If you look back just generally I think you'll find we also sway (even just a little) to long-term trends in fashion. I think lady-like top-handle bags are very much more in fashion recently, just think of all the interest in the Queen (of England's) bag - she hasn't changed her style but fashion suddenly notices her smaller structured bag.
  3. I think some of it is that we're unconsciously swayed by public opinion and trends - eventually it gets through and suddenly it seems like we like something totally new.

    You might find that one day you'll look at one of those slouchy soft leather bags you used to like so much and realize you never stopped loving them ...

    I think: Maturity means you find your style and stay with it, and you're no longer swayed by anybody else's opinion or style or 'what's in the news'.

    And ... "turning 30" is by no stretch of anybody's imagination "getting old". You'll look back on that comment in years to come and have a bit of a laugh at yourself. :biggrin:
  4. This and this!!
  5. :goodpost:
  6. I agree with the comments above.

    Our tastes will change from time to time. Its a good thing, because staying in one frame of fashion-mind will quickly result in a style rut. Allow your tastes to fluctuate and enjoy the pieces your fall in and out of love with while you have them. Life is too short for anything else.

    Good luck!
  7. I go through similar emotions...I used to love small bags or top handle bags, but now as a mother of a two year old and another on the way, I'm swayed towards hobo or shoulder bags! I think it's just a part of being a woman and loving bags...we love them all and find certain styles that match our at the moment lifestyle. I've often thought about selling my smaller bags but always talk myself out of it because I know there will come a time when a small bag will be what I need and a large hobo bag will seem annoying.
  8. Yes! This is so true. Having a child sort of forced me into big bag territory when I had always avoided having too big a bag before. But I know when I don't have to carry around extra supplies for my kid, I will get to enjoy the small bags again.

    As for structured vs slouchy, I tend to go back and forth depending on my mood or the season, or whatever outfit I'm wearing. I've noticed that the general trend seems to be a lot more towards classic fashions and lady-like structure, which means that those bags will just look better than the slouchy bags in general right now. But it's bound to change back again before too long, so I wouldn't get rid of any bags that you really love.
  9. I agree with above comments. We all go through different phases and taste change. Sometimes whether or not we are aware of it we try to keep up with trends. I don't think this has anything to do with age.
  10. I also agree with a lot of the comments above. We go threw phases where we like different styles, textures, colors. I think part of it is it's just a cycle you went threw a phase where you liked soft smooshy leather bags and now the pendulum is swinging the other way and your starting to like more structured bags. I think a part of the appeal to the more structured bags is because it's so different than what you've been using for the past 10 years. Our scene of style is always changing and evolving. Sometimes it's influenced threw media, sometimes friends & family, and sometimes by our needs or new needs.
  11. I apologize for the late response too as I've been accupied with some persoonal matters.
    Thank you all for your interesting comments and opinions, this is what I needed to see (read) to see I'm not alone who completely changes taste liek this!
    I have to say I haven't even connsidered the fact that it might be fashion influence without me even knowing it!
    Reading your comments has certainly saved a few slouchy bags from cull as I have decided I would regret getting rid of them!
    Thank you;)
  12. I too find myself going thru a change. Most of my bags are slouchy and monogram but I now find myself wanting bags that are more structured and have no monogram. I'm scaring myself because I used to think simple structured bags were boring lol
  13. me too!!! i used to love big slouchy bags, but recently i'm downsizing my bags, i try to carry smaller to medium size bags. well i guess my shoulder and back have changed taste lol
  14. Lol, I know exactly what you mean, I used to think LV epi speedy would be far to simple and quite frankly boring bag for me, now I own two and looking for it in another colour:biggrin: I think also the practical side of it came into consideration for me, they are much easier to care for than the soft slouchy leathers...

  15. Yes, that's another thing, lately I can't be bothered to carry a heavy bag as I used too...lo what's next? A plastic shopping bag..?:P